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Scenery Page 54
FS2002/2004 ATA Airlines AI Traffic v1.3 is based on the real ATA Airlines. These flight plans are close to the original flight plans from ATA. They include the 2005 Sumer flight plans. Name : David Hays. 2.2MB
FS2004 Scenery of "TFFJ" Airport St-Barthélémy - French Caribbean Islands. I have working this airport on the good St-Barth mesh scenery release by "Francesco Romeo",his work give to St Barth a better look than the FS default scenery. Delblond Christian. 4.3MB

FS2004 VC-Bird Airport of ANTIGUA island in Caribbean. By: Christian Delblond. VC Bird is the airport of St-Johns town in ANTIGUA Caribbean island. "VC Bird 2" is a rework version of "VC Bird". News: Fix the AI planes bug ,adding night light for this airport and an ILS. The frequency of the ILS is: 110.50Mhz. 3.6MB

Update: This file fix the bug about the AI plane sinking into the runway on Antigua airport "VC Bird". 202K

FS2004 KTKI, McKinney Municipal Airport, Texas. Version 2 of my AFCAD2 file - Updated the parking, added more spaces, generally improved the airport to be even more realistic. By Zachary Smith (Saratoga). 265K
FS2004 CZAM Salmon Arm Municpal Airport Salmon Arm BC, Canada AFCAD2 File. This AFCAD file adds in extra GA parking spots as well as Two Gates infront of the main terminal. I included a Tower view and set it to the height of the real one which is maintained by the Salmon Arm Flying Club. By Randy Fehr. 118K
FS2004 Gwadar Intenational Airport, Pakistan. Gwadar City is located at coastal line of Makran Division of Pakistan the world bigest deep sea port & Proposed Gwadar Internation Airport under construction. Faheem A Naseh. 185K
FS2004 Whangarei Airport (NZWR) Located on the East coast of Northland, N.Z., just South of the beautiful Bay of Islands, this is a busy provincial airport. Scenery includes a very detailed airport with accurate object placement. and many photo textures. By David Quirey. 4MB
FS2004 USAir AI Traffic v1.0 flight plans is based on the real US airlines flight planes of the summer of 2005. I hope you enjoy my work that I have placed into this package. Name : David Hays. 2.6MB
FS2004 South African Airlines AI Traffic v1.3. These flight plans include the summer of 2005 flight scedule but still might not be the original flight plans from South African. Below I have included the aircraft that comes with this scedule. "Boeing 737-200" "Boeing 737-800" "Boeing 747-400" Also updates the contrail effect. David Hays. 1.7MB
FS2004 Stamar Ice Base Scenery Package. A highly detailed scenery of a fictional Stamar city located on the Antarctic Pen. (Antarctica). It includes the city, made with EZ Landclass, lots of objects built in EOD, like city downtown, nuclear power plant, two airports, huge greenhouses, a harbour or a 3,5km-long bridge. File includes also an aircraft – Learjet 35 in Stamar paintscheme. The city looks nice at night as well. AI flightplan for the area is also included. Scenery is dedicated to Maria Machowska and made by Stanislaw Drzewiecki. 14.9MB