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Scenery Page 55
FS2004 AFCAD2-CJS4 Moose Jaw Municipal Airport This AFCAD2 file repositions the airport a few feet south, due to the V1 NDB station being right in the middle of the taxiway. As a bonus, I assigned an NDB frequency (800 KHz) to the CHAB radio tower just a few miles south. By J Mawson (JRoc). 5K
FS2004 Dominica Island, Caribbean. Includes Melville Hall airport, Canefield Airport and upgrades the city of Roseau with a couple of photoreal buildings. New AFCAD files. By Jorge Pagano. 2.2MB

FS2004 ANA AI Traffic is based on the real ANA Airways with the winter 2004-2005 flight scedule. This package will update the 2-D contrail into a 3-D contrail effect. Name : David Hays. 3.4MB

Update: All Nippon Airways AI Traffic v1.0 fix This fixes the ANA Boeing 767-300 GE Woody Woodpecker's texture file. If you have this package and you are viewing a plane with now texture, it is the woody woodpecker. David Hays. 567K

FS2004 Northwest Airlines AI Traffic v1.0. These flight plans include the summer of 2005 flight scedule but still might not be the original flight plans from Northwest. Also updates the contrail effect. David Hays. 3.9MB

Fix: This fixes some of the texture problems that people are having with the aircraft. Name : David Hays. 142K

FS2004 Cathay Pacific Airways AI Traffic v1.0 This package contains the 2005 Sumer flight plans and the following aircraft: Boeing 747-400, Boeing 777-300, and the Airbus A340-300. This package does not contain any effects. Name : David Hays. 2.5MB
FS2004 Dominica Island, Caribbean Version 2.Full package. Includes Melville Hall airport, Canefield Airport and upgrades the city of Roseau with photoreal buildings. New AFCAD files.This version 2 includes a new LandClass and minor improvements in the scenery. By Jorge Pagano. 2.1MB
FS2004 Independence Air AI Traffic v1.0 IND v1.0 package includes the most current flight plans i can find which are the winter 2004-2005 flight scedule. There will be a update when the 2005 summer scedule comes out. This includes the Airbus A319-100 and the CRJ-200. David Hays. 1.6MB
FS2004 Hurricane Ivan Scenery & Flight Plans. Description: Hurricane Ivan Flight Plans. Fly and drive before, during, and after Ivan on the small island of Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. Better than lago's Ivan plans. This also has the Grand Cayman Scenery and wind sounds. Plans by Gareth Scott. 8.2MB
FS2004 Cargo Airlines AI Traffic v1.0 This package contains DHL, FedEx, and UPS Cargo Airlines. All the flight plans contain the Winter flight scedule of 2004-2005. There are no special effects and you do not have to download anything to make this work. Author Name : David Hays. 3.4MB
FS2004 McChord AFB (KTCM),Washington State. This version is a fix for users of Megascenery Pacific Northwest. All structures moved to fit visually with the photographic scenery. AFCAD file was re-done from scratch. Designed from first hand experience and satellite photos for accurate placing of all hangars, parking spots, taxiways etc. This base, south of Seattle is one of the primary USAF C-17 bases. By Brian Voigt. 6.5MB
FS2004 AirArabia AI Traffic v1.3 The FS2004 ABY AI is based on the real flight plans of AirArabia. They include the 2005 Spring and Summer fight plans. This also installs the Airbus A30 ABY, ABB, and ABA. Author David Hays. 1.3MB