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FS2004 Alaska Airlines (ASA) AI Traffic v1.3 The ASA package is based on the on the real flight plans of the Alaska Airlines. They include the 2005 Summer scedule with the following aircraft: Boeing 737-200 Boeing 737-400 Boeing 737-700 Boeing 737-800 Boeing 737-900 McDonnell Douglas MD-80. David Hays. 5MB
FS2004 Lufthansa AI Traffic v1.0 The Lufthansa AI Traffic includes the whole fleet and the 2005 Summer flight plans of Lufthansa. I hope you have enjoyed this package as much as I did. You can go to EDDF to find a lot of Lufthansa traffic in your FS. David Hays. 5.5MB
FS2004 KMAX Seattle Municipal Airport - Features: 2000x40 foot runway 1 Small gate 2 Medium Ramps 15 Small ramps Traffic and ATIS radio No FPS hit Steep 4 degree down ILS Fairly tricky approach And AI KMAX is located in Seattle, Washington State. Daniel Coburn. 363K
FS2004 Landscape Enhancements for UT. This is a re-issue of my previously published landscape enhancement packages for parts of Southeast Alaska, British Columbia, Alberta, and Washington State, edited and adjusted to be fully compatible with FlightOne's "Ultimate Terrain: Canada/Alaska" product. Also includes adjustments to some of UT's lake and river elevations to better fit third party add-on mesh files. By Holger Sandmann. 3.5MB
FS2004 Madeira Islands (Portuguese) Improvement Pack. Includes realistic features for Madeira Islands scenery by PTSIM, such as: * White factory under “GELO” reference point; * PAPI system moved to its real position (RWY-05 and RWY-23); * Improved photoreal Fixed Distance Markers; * Improved textures for the viaduct and the hill before RWY-05; * Photo texture for yellow-black arrows on top of the hill before RWY-05; * Visible high road from the approach, on the left side of the RWY-05”; * New runway texture; * New waterclass for more realistic deep water at the shores; * Madeira blue-yellow big flag over the viaduct; * Small buildings nearby the viaduct; * Pier at Vila Baleira beach, Porto Santo (for Porto Santo island VFR). By Pedro Oliveira. 1.3MB
FS2004 Southwest Airlines AI Traffic v3.9. These flight plans may not be the original flight plans from Southwest Airlines. This package contains the flight plans of the 2005 summer flight scedule. Below I have included the aircraft that comes with this package. "Boeing 737-300" "Boeing 737-500" "Boeing 737-700" David Hayes. 2.4MB
FS2002/2004 Canadian Rockies Terrain Mesh. A new version of my terrain mesh files of southeastern British Columbia and south- western Alberta. N48*30' to N53*26' and W113*30' to W120*. These files are based on the latest version of the GeoBase CDED1 source data and have been compiled at LOD9 (~76-m resolution). Also included are LOD8 (~153m) and LOD7 (~306m) files to prevent "texture tearing". By Holger Sandmann. 55MB
FS 2004 "TVSV" Airport of Saint -Vincent, Caribbean Island. Location: ( N13* 08.66' W061* 12.65') This scenery is extremely complexe, I recommend to the non power computer users decrease the FS scenery complexity in their: FS9 OPTION. Author: Delblond Christian. 3.2MB

FS2004 Stamar Ice Base 2005 v2.0 A very detailed scenery of a fictional city located on the Antarctic Pen (Antarctica). It includes the city, made with EZLandclass,lots of objects built in EOD, like nuclear power plant,two airports, control tower, huge greenhouses,a harbour or a 3,5km-long bridge. File includes also an aircraft – Learjet 35 in Stamar paintscheme, weather themes, flights and traffic. The city looks nice at night as well. Scenery is dedicated to Maria Machowska and made by Stanislaw Drzewiecki. 21.5MB

FS2004 Stamar Ice Base 2005 Upgrade. This file is for those, who have already installed my S.I.B.2005 default pack. It adds a very detailed control tower with interior to the SDMM airport and changes AFCAD file for this airport. It also includes 3 weather themes and 4 flights. By Stanislaw Drzewiecki ~40K

FS2004 Sunnyside Municipal Airport, Washington State (Fictional)(1S5) This is a part fictional airport (I`ve just added to the original airport). It is located in Washington. This is my first scenery compilation using both AFCAD2 and Rwy12 - hope you like it ! By Steve Caine. 389K

Sunnyside Municipal Airport (1S5) Update: e My apologies! I should have mentioned in my original Readme note that this scenery requires that Rwy12 needs to be installed (here)otherwise it will not Steve Cain. 3K