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FS2004 Bureta Airport (NFNB) is located on the island of Ovalau in Fiji and has been created from scratch as the airport is non-existent in FS2004. The island is a ten minute flight from Nausori airport in the east of the main Fijian island of Viti Levu. I have modelled the airport from memory as I couldn't find any photos/plans/maps of the airport. Luckily I had a photo of the front of the tower/terminal building from my week-long stay on the island with which to design the building in FS2004. Features an accurate control tower and terminal building, static aircraft, perimeter fencing and a couple of vehicles.The airport is at S17* 43.60' and E178* 46.00'. This scenery is for FS2004 only. Tim Clayton. 847K
FS2004 Rarotonga Airport (NCRG) is located on the island of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. I have modelled the airport from memory as I couldn't find many photos/plans/maps of the airport. Luckily I had a few photos during a couple of transit stopovers on the way to from Tahiti that helped with the overall design. Features a drive-through hangar, accurate control tower, terminal building, outdoor transit lounge, static aircraft, many vehicles, boats, a fire-station and the main town on the island. Many night textures and custom AFCAD file included. The airport is at S21* 12.05' and W159* 47.70'. This scenery is for FS2004 only. Tim Clayton. 2.7MB
FS2004 Red Bull Air Race Netherlands, 2005, Scenery. Two sceneries designed with Gmax representing the Setiings for the Red Bull Air Race 2005 World series that took place on the 12th of june 2005 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. For those using the FS2004 Netherlands 2000 V2.89 scenery, turn it off! The Erasmus bridge is included in the FS2004 red Bull scenery. No bridge available in FS2002. Download Netherlands 2000 (here) in order to use the proper settings. The downtown feeling will be improved soon. This is the first version 1.2 release. More will soon come! Olivier Graeven. 275K
FS2004 TFFJ Airport of St-Barthélémy Caribbean Islands Version 1.2. Scenery of "TFFJ" Airport of St-Barthélémy French Caribbean Island (version 1.2). Location: ( N17* 54.26' W062* 50.61') This version 1.2 of St-Barthélémy give this scenery a better FPS during the approch than the previous version on the lower PC.I have removing the ships and some scattered houses on the island to reduccing the processor work,but I don't touch the airport and its area,only the texture of the stadium and the notice in front of the airport where you find now the name:" GUSTAV III ". Author: Delblond Christian. 3.7MB
FS2004 Durham Tees Valley Airport, UK, - A relatively small Regional Airport serving the North East with various European holiday destinations, Internal Domestic flights, and also has 2 General Aviation Clubs and Parking. Originally an RAF base, (as are most UK airports) It was used as an RCAF Bomber Command Station during WW2 with Lancaster's, Halifax's and Whitley's, then a Fighter Station after the war with Hunters, Javelins and English Electric Lightning’s. It was passed into civil hands in 1964 when the RAF left, Teesside Airport (as it was then know) was born. 8.8MB
FS2004 Buffalo - NY - County Erie Designed with the latest Photorealistic scenery technique a Vtp designed photorealistic scenery for the City of Buffalo in the State of New York (Erie). This scenery provide millimetric precision - and it is a highly realistic reporduction of the City of Buffalo Terrain landscapes. Raimondo Taburet. 4.2MB
FS2004 Plains States ANG, Military AI Package v2.0 This updated package includes new AI models by Henry Tomkiewicz, new repaints, improved AFCADs and updated flightplans. Includes the 11 Air National Guard F-16, C-21, C-130 and KC-135 squadrons of Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska and Kansas. Includes models, repaints, flightplans, quality AFCADs and callsign voicepacks. Package integrated by Dan Bourque. 7.5MB
FS2004 Little Rock AFB Arkansas . This in not a completly true representation artistic licence has been used in great quantities. By Gordon Perry. 2.4MB
FS2004 Willow Run (KYIP) Michigan Scenery. Willow Run (KYIP) airport scenery for FS2004. Includes AFCAD2 file and flight plans for the C-47 "Yankee Doodle Dandy", B-17 "Yankee Lady", and B-25 "Yankee Warrior" owned by the Yankee Air Museum. By Mike Magner. 1.5MB

FS2004 Australian Vintage AI Scenery. This is my first attempt at creating' any type, of scenery addon to my 2004 sim. After flying around in the sim world' very few of the vintage aircraft where encountered. So' here they are. I have kept the zip small. this makes for easy downloading. plus its framerate freindly Country: Australia. the aircraft can be found in all states. The airports' all except one. can be found in 'go to airport' that one you will have to fly to. Not to difficut. It's on the gps and the map. 870K

Fix. 19K