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FS2002/FS2004 Scenery -- Malibu, California Version 2 This scenery area includes the original 4000 foot runway and helipad with all of the original surrounding hangars and facilities of Aeroworks Flight Center 2 on top of a 1400 foot hill, right by the coast of California. In addition, version 2 adds docks, piers, and seaplane facility on the beach with a 2000ft runway and a sea lane landing area marked with buoys for water operations as well as several new custom designed macros and the usual concept aircraft macros. This scenery works in conjunction with FS2002's AFD and shows up on FS2002 GPS. Scenery and macro's by Jason L. Terry. 1.6MB
FS2004 Kai Tak Version VHHX4v1 - Total Kai Tak Package. The package contains much more than just a Kai Tak scenery. It represents a complete momento of this totally unique, now almost completely destroyed airport. The scenery itself contains full IGS/ILS data and in particular you can now shoot the famous IGS approach to runway 13 in FS2004 exactly as it was done in real life. The scenery should be pretty recognizable. Most of the airport infrastructure is in place together with most of the key features in the surrounding area. However, the scenery does not yet have replacements for the default terminal buildings - those will come at a later date. Dedicated to the memory of our much missed friend John 'FSTipster' Consterdine. Created by Roger Mole. 12.3MB
FS 2004 Bangkok Scenery Package. Features: * airport completely redesigned from scratch – custom 3-D buildings created, * AFCAD2 file included, * Don Muang tollway, * major city landmark buildings, * library objects used when necessary, * VTP roads, parks, golf courses, rivers and lakes, * elevated helipads located within the city, * fireworks at Lumphini Park and Sanum Luang for most holidays. Created by Martin Strong. 8.9MB

Updated FS2004 Oostwold Airfield EHOW, Holland - V2. A GA grass strip. 1.2MB By Nils Lips

How to add air traffic to Oostwold scenery made by myself. 47K

AFCAD (air traffic) for Oostwold v2. 4K

FS2004 or 2002 scenery - Arecibo Observatory & surrounding hills, currently operated by the Cornel University, is a big object in the Arecibo area, in Puerto Rico, and can be seen from quite a distance. It is close to the Arecibo airport, ICAO designation ABO (ARE in FS2002). The observatory is used for radio-astronomy, and the spheric dish is 304 metres in diameter. ("Spheric" as opposed to "parbolic"). The "receiver-transmitter" is in a gondola suspended over the dish by three sets of cables, which are suspended from three towers. The Microsoft FS2004 site has testimonials claiming the existence of the observatory, but it only exists in FS2000, where it is quite poorly done. Author: Fern Marques. 111K
FS2004 Saskatoon Airport, Saskatchewan, Canada CYXE. This is our little airport .All the buildings are hand made ,most from digital pictures of the real airport .Some of the buildings are made up from my own mind to add a little extra to the scenery. 3.5MB
FS2004 Grafton District Airport (YGFN), NSW, Australia. A delightful small airport on the east coast of Australia midway between Brisbane and Sydney. AFCAD2 and Traffic tools files included. The small size of the airport has allowed me to concentrate on realism. What you see is very much what is there in real life. Photo- realistic textures for buildings and trees. John Ross. 2.2MB

FS2004 Greenland Ports and Docks V2 Description: Greenland is a demanding place for flying: The huge island features rapidly changing weather, short airfields, very rough terrain and few navigational facilities. Most of these flights simulate real Air Greenland operations: International routes flown by a 757 and an Airbus 330. Domestic routes flown mainly by DASH-7´s and Sikorsky S-61 choppers. Charter flights handled by floatplanes and business jets. Also a DC-3 ferry flight. All flights have associated weather and flightplan files, the flightplans seek to approximate the real routes flown by way of manual editing. 4.3MB

AFCAD files for this package. 136K

FS2004 Carupano Parch Airport (SVCP) Venezuela. Designed by Jaime Ortega. 210K
FS2002/2004 Goianesia-(SWGO) Airport of the city of Goianesia, state of Goias, Brazil. The city Goianésia, this located in the heart of Brazil, near of Brasília (SBBR), and also near to the Aerial Base of Anapolis (SBAN). João Alfredo. 136K