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  Scenery Page 9
FS2004, Honolulu International Airport, Version 5. PHNL Description: This scenery completely redoes the Honolulu Airport, which is the main stop over between the East and West, and the largest airport in the Central Pacific. Included here you will find the main terminal, the Inter-Island terminal, fuel storage tanks, 39 gates with jetways, plus numerous other parking spaces, three different hangar / cargo areas, parking structures and the park like landscaping on the front side of the airport, realistic ramp lights, ramp light parking textures, airport vehicles, the Aloha Tower, and the numerous Coconut Palms which welcome you at every turn at this airport. Due to it's large size, I have provided two scenery density settings, so you can eliminate all objects in front of the airport which are not seen from airside, and balance it between traffic and scenery density to get the best frame rates on your particular computer. This scenery should also be completely compatible with FS2002. By: Bill Melichar. 5MB
FS 2004 AFCAD2 files to add parking spaces to default Chiayi (RCKU), Makung (RCQC), Taichung (RCLG), and Tainan (RCNN) Airports in Taiwan. The correct numbers of gates and parking spaces were used whenever possible, though the positions are purely speculative. Generated using AFCAD2 Ver. 2.11 (here) by Lee Swordy.Designed by Mike Huang. 14K
FS2004 AFCAD2 file for VOLKEL Airbase in the Netherlands. I've added the taxiways and militairy parkings. The file WILL be updated later. Nils Lips. 4K
FS2004 Improved Auroras ver1. Tired of just green and yellow aurora's? These files will add more color to your aurora effects. Some Hints about how to see them included. File editing by: Michael Webber 8K
FS2004 Meggido Airport (LLMG), Israel. This addon will add taxiways, apron and ramps to Meggido Airport. Ido Rosenthal. 428K
FS2004 Scenery - Metropolitan Tel-Aviv. The second part of Isreal Landclass covering 2,600 square km of the central coastal area of Israel from Hadera to Ashdod. Made in the highest detail, with all major highways, all main roads and most of the secondary roads, rail roads, coast lines, ports and marinas, all cities and towns and villages from 500 residents and above, rivers and water bodies, accurate vegetation, sand dunes, quarries and other land uses needed for VFR. The scenery is enhanced with night lighting to enable easy VFR navigation by night. By Seev Kahn. 730K
FS2004 Scenery - Israel Scenery Objects - Pack1. Enhacements for Part 2 "Metropolitan Tel-Aviv"; The Azrieli Center, The Buildings of and around the Diamond Exchange in Ramat-Gan, Shalom Tower, Also known to pilots as the outer marker of RW 12 of Ben-Gurion airport (LLBG), Beit Levenstein and the open Auditorium in Ra'anana, a landmark for making the final into RW 29 of LLHZ, Ashdod power plant, some antennas and Glilot fuel and gaz depo. All made in Gmax. By Seev Kahn. 914K
FS2004 Haifa Airport (LLHA). This addon will add taxiways and gates to Haifa airport in Israel. this will work just fine alone but to get the beauty of the Haifa landmarks you should downlad the Israeli Landclass North addon by Seev Kahn. 296K
FS2004 Sde Dov (LLSD), Isreal. Sde Dov is a regional airport located on the northern part of Tel Aviv. LLSD is very close to the "Reading" Power Plant and its tall chimney. Sde Dov is the home base of "Arkia" and "Israir" regional airlines. Sde dov is named after "Dov Hoz" - one of Israel's aviation pioneers. David Rosenfeld. 5.6MB
FS2004 - Northern Israel. Highly detailed, covering the Land of Galilee, and the coastal area of North-Western Israel. The scenery is made in the highest LOD (level of detail) and shows realistic coast lines, ports, roads, cities, towns of 2,000 residents and above, accurate vegetation, sand dunes, quarries, and more for VFR flying by day and night with enhanced lighting. This update was done to allow the newly created scenery "Haifa VFR" to show in the right environment. By Seev Kahn. 762K