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FS2004 Heliports developed for the use of the fleet of helicopters of Southern Winds Virtual. Edificio Centinela. (CEN) Casa Rosada (Casa de Gobierno) (CGV) Hospital Churruca (CHU). Javier Paissan. 1.8MB
FS2004 RAF Hawkinge 1940 Scenery. RAF Hawking was a frontline airfield during the Battle of Britain. The airfield itself was the nearest Royal Air Force station to enemy-occupied France and only some ten minutes flying time away from the Luftwaffe fighter airfields. Not for nothing was Hawkinge known as "Hellfire Corner". 4.5MB
FS2004 Aeroflot AI traffic. This adds Aeroflot traffic to your flight simulator. There are many flight plans from different airports in Russia to the biggest Cities in Europe and Asia, and also to America! There are many flights only between russian airports, which orginally didn't have any traffic! Many of the flight plans are based on those which can be found at! By Artur Krause & with credits enclosed for aircraft designers. 4.2MB

FS2004 USS Stennis, modified to allow the carrier to be "moved" from San Diego, California to the southwestern shores of Chile. I wish to thank this man because he not only say "go for it", he did the beta checks and final analyis and small tweaks needed before the compilation took place. Without him this project could not have succeded. Paul adjusted some items in the file and explained details using AFCAD22 and BGLcomp with XML sheets. It was VERY educational. A few minor definitions fixed, He flight tested the setup and thought it was great. After that first review by him, I added the NAV-AIDs, with his great caution on many areas of AFCAD22. Original carrier created by Paul Clawson. Revised by Steve Hinson. 2MB

FS2004 CV-74 USS NightHawk-Stennis Fix. The "NightHawk" This is an update USS Nighthawk-Stennis. It will fix the entire flight deck and repair the hollow parts in front of the LSO cube at Cat 3/4 near the Bow. I finally found a way to harden ALL of the FLIGHT DECK! The lights are still OFFSET to the rear towards the stern due to the MODEL configuration of the carrier. Steven D. Hinson. 17K Fix for a fix that was still needed. 'Ken the aviator' told to me about it last nite. I got the good BGL mixed up with one that had no ship model, dummy me! SORRY! It is now fixed. Any wider or longer runway will tear texture of ship. There are no more rev's or updates. This is it. Thank You all! Steve Hinson. 429K

FS2004 Hong Kong Intl Kai Tak Airport VHHX (Now disused). Runways 31/13: ILS, Length: 9000 ft, Tarmac, Full Night Lighting. 04/22: ILS, Length: 3100 ft, Grass, Full Night Lighting. 32/14: Length: 2000 ft, Sand, Semi Night Lighting. Made with AFCAD by : Kurtis Green. 313K
FS2004 Chiang Mai, Thailand (VTCC) This is the third version of this scenery, created using the FS2004 SDK. There is a lot more detail added, as well as improved 3D models and textures for legacy objects. This version also contains custom textured ground polygons for the airport area, as well as an updated VTP/LWM design for the terrain. By Martin Strong. 24.1MB
FS2004 Nevada Airport Updates Pack 3. New update pack using Google Earth Pro and AFCAD 2 for some Nevada airports. This pack includes: McCarran (KLAS) Nellis (KLSV) Winnemucca (KWMC)and Tonopah (KTPH). Jose Gutierrez. 198K
FS2004 Caransebes Airport, Romania LRCS-Photo.Real. The town of Caransebes is situated in South-West of Romania, having the coordinates of 45 25'lat N and 22 13'long E. It is the second largest town in the Caras-Severin County and has a strategic geographical position. 5.8MB
Project Lisbon Photoreal v4.0 This version is a totally new photoreal scenery. Includes night and seasonal textures, plus "Alpha Map", for city and airport. Photoreal "BITMAP" and objects placed with GPS precision maps, local measures and Google Earth. New accurate photoreal landmarks. New photoreal "BITMAP" for Lisbon city. Airport ground is accurate for year 2006. Version 4.0 is a major update. Freeware. For FS2004. By Pedro Oliveira. 52.8MB
FS2004 Nevada Airports Update Pack 4. This is an update for 6 Nevada Airports. Hopefully you will enjoy it, because it is accurate and it comes in an exe file which automaticly extracts the files to the right location. And I've also added Area 51 due to a saddening discovery I've found. They closed their oldest runway 32R and 14L. Only 6,500 feet remain open. We will miss the runway, even though it was a rectangle of cement with paint. I used Google Earth Pro and AFCAD 2. Eureka------Eureka Municipal---K05U Carson City-Carson Airport-----KCXP Elko--------Elko Regional------KEKO Jackpot-----Jackpot/Hayden-----K06U Coaldale----Coaldale Field-----K2Q6 Area 51-----Groom Lake M.I.----RN51. Jose Gutierrez. 129K
FS2004 Farm House Aeroclub Truro (UK08), UK. There is 2 runways, one made of gravel and the other made of dirt. There is 2 helipads. There is a few small GA parking spaces and one medium GA parking space. This is a small airfield that I have built using AFCAD for the people that prefer small airfields flying lighter aircraft. Author: Kurtis Green. 642K