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Scenery Page 86
FS2004 North Haledon, Northern New Jersey, USA. This is Chopper Friendly scenery, folks. It wasn't designed to be flown over at 10,000 feet - although, if you like to fly heavy iron into the major New York/New Jersey airports, you'll notice that it replaces the terrain elevation of Northern New Jersey with all the hills and valleys that the default scenery left out. No, this is interactive scenery. Built to be explored low and slow. Want to perfect your landing skills in a huge playground of rooftops, irregular terrain, and tight spaces? This is the place. You won't find any unlandable surfaces or false crashes here - just hundreds of places to touch down ranging from beginner, through expert, to downright sick! There's a police station with landable helipad, four schools, ballfields, an optional forest fire (with a scenic lake nearby for refilling), too many highly detailed houses and buildings to count, and much more. By Mick Posch. 13.5MB
FS2004/2002 Ezeiza International Airport - Argentina. Very realistic scenery of Argentina's main international airport. Based on satelite images to provide excellent accuracy with the real airport. Afcad file included. Tested in FS2002, might work in FS2004. By Andrés Oggero. 3.5MB
FS2004/2002 Project Romania. Phoreal Timisoara v0.1.Hi flightsim fans from everywhere! This is the second city scenery (photoreal) from my "Project Romania".This addon includes textures for summer and night only.The city of Timisoara is located near the west border of Romania with Serbia.The photo was black&white, all the colours have been added later and carefuly inspired from reality. By Victor Stephanovici. 14.1MB
FS2004 City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Package. This is a FREEWARE project, created by Brian Sturton, and with special thanks to Joel Gill and Her Majesty the Queen for the included rail.bgl file. Transforms the generic dull scenery around CYXD airport, into a detailed replica of the actual city. Features include a detailed representation of the downtown area, along with most other major structures that would be visible from the air; reflective "glass" buildings; more accurate rendition of West Edmonton Mall (compared to my earlier offering); reworked landclass and elevation values, which permit a nicer rendition of the river valley, as well as the urban areas south of the river; repositioned river sections; bridges; refineries to the east of the city; outlying towns; major roads, and modifications to CYEG and CYYC. 6.1MB
FS 2004 LRCS-Photo Real v 0.2. The town of Caransebes is situated in South-West of Romania, having the coordinates of 45° 25'lat N and 22° 13'long E. It is the second largest town in the Caras-Severin County and has a strategic geographical position,This should be a significant improvement of LRCS Photo Real. Actually, it`s a totally rebuilded texture set. Covers a ten time wider area then the previous version, and fits in the default scenery textures in a wery particular way :). Hopefully some buildings will be added soon to encrease our delight. For a higher level of realism, it`s advisable to be used over a 70m accuracy terrain-mesh downloadable here: By CSIMI. 31.8MB
FS2004 USS Carrier Martin L. King Jr. Senator Stennis has graciously allowed his name to be removed from ACTIVE DUTY from the USS JOHN S. STENNIS. The USS MARTIN L. KING Jr. has just been commissioned and is ready to take the Stennis' place. Solid DECK: 100%. No runway overhang. NO LONG RUNWAY LIGHTS. I added the MEATBALL VASI: TCRV Approach System at PORT AMIDSHIP. Complete CL-III ILS/NAV system. Included is the "Carrier Zone" data for the "Cat's" and the "Trap". The blast fences & elevators don't operate & never have. CVN74. The Planner Airport ID is: "KING". Located 30 miles east from it's night ops sister ship the USS NightHawk-Stennis. It is near the west coast of "CHILI", use Chil-"i" to find by "country", makes it easier. Flight plan capable using ILS, VFR, & GPS. 100% functional COMM's. ArresterCables.dat file for FS9 included. Tested on XP/SP2, XP/ProSP2 > OK Steve Hinson. 2.6MB
FS2004 RAF Cranwell Package Pt.1. RAF Cranwell, originally HMS Daedalus, was taken over by the RAF in 1918 for officer training which it still does today. See PDF for more information. I have concentrated, in part 1, mainly around the main aircraft ramp area and buildings north of the main hangers; this is where most of the action happens. This download also includes an accurate AFCAD of Cranwell. By Keith Steadman 7MB
FS2004 Lake Barkley State Park (Fictional). A fictional airport I have created for the people that like smaller airports. It has two runways, one made of grass and the other concrete. I hope you enjoy it. Author: Kurtis Green. 504K
FS2004 B747-400 AI Replacement Pack Replacement for the default B747's Landmark, Soar, Pacifica, and World Travel with Air France, British Airways, Northwest, and Qantas. They are all flyable and will be replacement's for the default B747 AI aircraft. By Tony Potter. 1.9MB
FS2004 Ameland & Texel,. Holland. Ameland is a small island in the north of The Netherlands. It has one grass.runway. Texel is a small island in the northwest of the Netherlands. It has 2 grass runways. 392K