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Scenery Page 88
FS2004 Replacement Road Textures. These files will make the roads more visible from the air, and more realistic looking. Always back up your original textures when adding replacement textures. Daniel Kemmer. 2K
FS2004 Munich Airport (EDDM), Germany. . Based on the actual ground layout. AI aircraft operate only from terminal 1. By Heiko Futterer. 3.6MB
FS2004 Canada Hornets Military AI Package. Contains everything needed to activate all Canadian CF-188 (F-18) units. Includes AI F-18 model by Mikko Maliniemi with FDE by Henry Tomkiewicz, realistic aircraft textures, callsign voicepacks, AFCADs for CFB Bagotville and CFB Cold Lake, and flightplans. Integrated by Dan Bourque. 6.7MB
FS2004 Taupo Airport, New Zealand Version 1.0. Taupo is a smallish city about halfway between Auckland and Wellington (about 4 hours drive each way). This is another airport in NZ that has been neglected in the FS community. I'm sure Robin corn is going to do a definitive version sometime soon, so I thought I would come out with a "stopgap" version until that time. By Rob Diebold. 400K
FS2004 Hamilton Airport, New Zealand Version 2.0. Hamilton is a mid-sized city about an hour's drive south of Auckland. The airport there is pretty busy for a little one, and has regular air service by Air NZ and its partners, Freedom Air, and Origin Pacific. But so far the airport has been a black hole for scenery design. Robin corn is going to do a definitive version sometime this year, so I thought I would come out with a "stopgap" version until that time.By Rob Diebold. 785K
FS2004 South Stack Lighthouse Project, Wales, UK. By Dyl Roberts. 337K
FS2004 North Haledon, Northern New Jersey, USA (Lite version) This is Chopper Friendly scenery, folks. It wasn't designed to be flown over at 10,000 feet - although, if you like to fly heavy iron into the major New York/New Jersey airports, you'll notice that it replaces the terrain elevation of Northern New Jersey with all the hills and valleys that the default scenery left out. No, this is interactive scenery. Built to be explored low and slow. Want to perfect your landing skills in a huge playground of rooftops, irregular terrain, and tight spaces? This is the place. You won't find any unlandable surfaces or false crashes here - just hundreds of places to touch down ranging from beginner, through expert, to downright sick! This is the lite version, designed for people who are having trouble with the frame rates of the full version. I've thinned out the houses and trees, and removed the buildings South of Oldham Pond - but managed to keep most of the interesting places to land. In the tests I've done, there was about a 20 percent frame rate increase on average compared to the full version, with nearly a 45 percent increase in the most framerate-hostile areas. Created by Mick Posch. 11.7MB
FS2004 Flying Competition Scenery Package. Located at KNUQ, Moffett Field, California, this scenery contains challenges for single and multiplayer flight. Includes two pylon racing courses, a helicopter racing course, a thermal for sailplane races, and short takeoff and landing courses to test your piloting skills. By Ian Radcliffe. 866K
FS2004 Indonesia Scenery v. 5.1. Main road network, rail road, lake / reservoir, and river, including all the shoreline in Java-Madura, Bali, and the whole Sumatera island, also Indonesian Thousand archipelago. This scenery using LWM and VTP data type. M.Andra Ganie. 1.8MB
FS2004 USS Carrier Joe Foss. The USS Carrier Joe Foss is a name many sailors know. They call him a hero. 100% solid deck. Runway A-OK. Added MEATBALL VASI: TCRV at "PORT AMIDSHIP". Complete CL-III ILS/NAV system. Planner Airport ID: "FOSS". Located in San Francisco Bay. Exit out of the bay right in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. At: N37*49.00' W122*28.00'. Use MAP for Navigation information. Flight plan capable using ILS, VFR, & GPS. 100% functional COMM's. ArresterCables.dat file for FS9 included. You need our F14D for the cat and trap zone setup. Or build a system out of it yourself. REV 1: 6/7/6: Added trap angle runway to fix the ILS system alignment of the ODALS STROBES, the MEATBALL lights. a Steve Hinson. 3.4MB