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Scenery Page 89
FS2004 Três Corações Minas Gerais State Brazil. The town of Três Corações, The Airport, and the Cell phones towers. JResenda. 15K
FS2004 Timisoara Airport Photoreal textures. Timisoara is the biggest town in the western part of Romania. This addon covers a nearly 20X20 km zone around the city. By Demeter Zsolt aka CSIMI. 51MB

FS2004 AI Yachts Package. Never being able to find Ai Sailboats' only static. my need turned me too FSDv3. So folks now you have AI Yachts.Oh Yea' if you like fishing' don't forget your fishingrod' but don't put your feet in the water. After eight weeks only, and being a beginer in model building' the models are basic, with basic model textures. See screenshots. But we now have AI Yachts. Location' Port Phillip Bay, Victoria Australia, Moorabbin, Mount Martha, Avalon' Yacht Clubs.. All files for AI, included. Lee Swordy's AFCAD required. TTOOLs required & Pete Dawson's FSUICP required (both here). Models, a by Frank Ovenden. 7.7MB

FS2004 AI Yachts fix, and addon. This will fix my mistakes with the traffic txt files. ie: Flightplans. cut and paste the two AI Shark folders into your fs9 aircraft folder. cut and paste the flightplans, and aircraft txt files into your fs9 main folder and overight. You now have AI Sharks amongst the Yachts. Frank Ovenden. 1.3MB

FS2004 California Airports Updates Pack. This Pack includes: Barstow/Daggett Los Angeles X Int'l Baker Airport Fresno Int'l Selma Airport Visalia Municipal Bakersfield Municipal Jose Gutierrez. 99K
FS2004 Apartment Building - Manukau City. Auckland, New Zealand. This scenery is offered as freeware. Accurately created using photo textures. Fully compatible with Real NZ Auckland City by Robin Corn and Mesh by Christain Stock. Not tested with default scenery. By Ron Watson. 837K
FS2004 CIS AFCAD Project release 5 167. AFCAD files for airports in the former Soviet Union, 5th release. Read enclosed Readme.htm for installation instructions and recommended addon scenery. Mainly default airports, but where a free addon is available, it is used instead of the default. Name: Ivo van Zon. 643K
FS2004 China Airports Updrade. As we all come from China, we feel very disappointed when we fly over our motherland in FS. So we start to learn how to build new airports when the years of FS2000. 2 years later, after we feel good enough, we start to publish some of the add-on sceneries as freeware, especially for FS2002. Now there comes FS2004, we start to upgrade the former document to fit for FS2004. Also, we change the strategy of publishing from separated to full-packed. This package includes our freeware of Chinese Airports that might be Forgotten or Simplified by MS. Most of the sceneries are initially developed for FS2002, now upgraded to FS2004. Also we make some changes of the Nav data which are newly or out-off used. Roy Jiang: 3D models, AFD, Airport, Texture Joe LI: 3D models, AFD, Airport, Texture Sunny Xia: 3D models, Texture He Huang: Navaid Yue Ma: Texture. 13.2MB

FS2004 "Carriers & the Tomcat in French Polynesia" Package. Mesh lod10 3.75 arc sec .bgl. Complete island scenery .bgl's for all 6 major islands, includes all the hotels on Bora Bora. Operational seaport, Tahiti int'l airport. All islands have an airport. Three carriers: full cl iii ILS/NAV aids with rcbco-20 installed & configured for trap & catapult launch if you have v2.0= rcbco-20. Tahiti is covered with a hard surface layer. You can use a car, bike, anything mobile! Same with any boat at the boat dock. Fs9 "real weather" works. Includes the famous f-14d tomcat by Ivan Kostic & Steve Hinson. Carrier is the USS John Glenn. Cvn-73. Carrier airport id: "glen". Nav aids on fs9, map able for gps/nav or vfr. Rcbco-20 installed for you now. Just use the f14d by Ivan Kostic & Steve Hinson. Mesh LOD10 .BGL by Rolf Keibal. Scenery by Bill Melichar. Intermediate & advanced users. Steve Hinson. 83.6MB

Update: New revised Instructions & Credits: 2K

Patch: Fixes a few bugs. 53K

FS2004 Cardinia Mun fictional Australian Airport. Set in Gippsland, Victoria Australia. it has terminals, fuel bays, taxiways, lights, ATC, Air Traffic, buildings and great textures! im updating it to a 4 runway profile, but at the moment its great as it is. made with FSSC. same creater that brought you Fenris Freight Park. Works With FS2002 but should work with FS2004 Made By Nick Barber 53K
FS2004 Iraqi AI and Scenery Package. Designed to take you to Iraq on the eve of the Gulf War, January 1991. Representations of Iraqi Air Force aircraft, military airfields and AI traffic are based on publicly available research material. By Zolt Goatfield. 16.7MB