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Vintage Page 66
FS2004 Boeing Stearman South Africa Private Textures only. Repaint of Dave Eckert's wonderful Stearman package available here. By Stuart Willows. 6.4MB
FS2004 Boeing Model 80A - The first Boeing Passenger Aircraft. Boeing's first passenger aircraft the model 80 produced in GMAX , using rendered textures and includes animated pullback tractor rigged pilot ,working windows and doors throughout the fully modeled Virtual Cabin rest room and cockpit ,active cam friendly inside and out. By Chuck Jodry and the VJPL Flight Lab At 6.3MB
FS2004 Nieuport XI Bébé, Top ace Guynemer's least well known aircraft. Guynemer only scored one kill in this aircraft before it was destroyed in a inflight collision by a Caudron G.IC. Le Vieux Charles (Old Charles). This model has all the standard animations. Model built in FSDSv3 By Chris Herring. 895K
FS2004 P-51 Mustang 'Wild Horse'. This is a Highly Modified P-51 Mustang For flight simulator 2004..Aircraft is Entitled " Wild Horses " With it's Modified Air File this Pony is Capable of speeds in excess of 800 knots it is Very Fast and Highly Maneuverable. The high luster shine is achieved with a modified Alpha Channel . This technique created and used by Rooks Silva Design Group ( RSDG ) ..Original Model by Robert Hawk. Aircraft modified by Rooks Silva Design Group ( RSDG ) This is number 2 in the series of Super Mustangs Textures by Mark Rooks. 3.1MB
FS2004 B-29B Anime Girls Nose Art Package. Four repaints for Tom 'Gnoopey' Kohler's B-29 Superfortress Base pack (required here) These repaints add four new fictionous Anime Girl Nose Arts, "Radical Edward", "Lady Luck", "Lethal Beauty", and "Wonder Girl" (see readme for character details). File '' is required. Original Aircraft upload by Tom Kohler, repaints by Ethan 'DemoWT5'. Contact Ethan Cleigh. 21MB

FS2004 Hawker Hurricane IId "The Tin Opener" Package. Features a complex model with fully animated parts, detailed and animated pilot figure, removable cowlings and panels, Merlin XX engine and interior fuselage details, visual effects that include crash landings, complex virtual cockpit with clickable controls, custom gauges, and engine damage modeling. The model has accurate flight dynamics, with realistic stalls, and spins with autorotation. This package also includes Western desert WWII scenery circa 1942, with an RAF airbase, and German armor. By Touch the Sky Simulations. 15.2MB

Hawker Hurricane IId "The Tin Opener" Patch Vers 1.1 A software update for the Hurricane IId Tin Opener package that contains bug fixes and functional improvements. See the Readme file or Hurricane IId Update.pdf for more details. By Touch the Sky Simulations. 3.8MB

FS2004 Junkers Ju52/3mg7e Package. Cargo variant (East front) + Wheel and sky variants. Full animation (including animated pilots), Virtual cockpit (VC), custom panel. Author - Vladimir Zhyhulskiy. 7.3MB.
FS2004 Gloster Sea Gladiator Update for FS2004. This is an update of the CFS2 Gloster Sea Gladiator (Malta) by Thicko (full model required here). I have updated the flight dynamics, corrected the contact points where necessary, added smoke, and given it wing lights. Bob Chicilo. 71K
FS2004 B-29B Anime Girls Nose Art Volume 2. Four repaints for Tom 'Gnoopey' Kohler's B-29 Superfortress Base pack (required here) These repaints add six more new fictionous Anime Girl Nose Arts, "Babe Skye", "Golden Rose", "Good Girls", "Lil' Lady", "Shear Cutie", and "Unforgettable Faye" (see readme for character details from Nose Art 1 and this volume). File '' is required, and the Model included in Anime Girls Nose Art 1 is required. Original Aircraft upload by Tom Kohler, repaints by Contact Ethan Cleigh. 25MB

FS2004 Douglas C-47 Package with Long Range Tanks This package offers the Douglas C-47 in five WWII liveries and incorporates virtual cockpit, (VC), a Long Range Tank modification. Beaumont and Bitzer's four-tank "no ALL tanks" and automixture modifications are also included, together with Dave Bitzer's latest improved flight dynamics. The default FS2004 DC-3 is configured for three fuel tanks, whereas by design the C-47/DC-3 had four tanks. The C-47 was also designed to permit the installation of up to eight 100-gallon fuselage tanks in the fuselage so that aircraft could operate over longer routes as needed for military service. With proper leaning of the mixture, 3200 nautical miles are possible in no-wind conditions. Typical circumstances in which such long range capability was sought included ferry delivery of new aircraft across the Atlantic or Pacific in wartime and extended search and rescue work where fueling facilities were scarce or non-existent. By Dave Bitzer and Mark Beaumont. File name: C47_5TK.ZIP