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Vintage Page 85
FS2004 Hawker Sea Fury RN VR903 textures only. This file includes the textures for the Sea Fury in the colours of VR903, which is currently preserved at the Royal Navy Historic Flight, in 802 NAS colours. Requires the Sea Fury by David Hanvey and Paul Barry (here). By UKlim. 1.4MB
FS2004 Hawker Hurricane Package. This is without doubt, the largest and most comprehensive freeware Hawker Hurricane pack available for FS2004, a Century of Flight. No less than 12 separate models record this fighter's illustrious history from the Prototype through to the Tank-busting "Hurri-Bombers" of the later war years. There are Douglas Bader's and Pete Brother's Mk1 Hurricanes from the Battle of Britain. Examples of the Sea-Hurricane in Mk1 and MkII form. The last Hurricane ever made and a very rare hybrid produced by the Yugoslavian Air Force, to trial a German Daimler-Benz D601A motor in comparison tests with the Messerschmitt Me109. Canadian versions are represented, including a one-off, ski-equipped example. Also included in this pack is a complete scenery of RAF Hawkinge airfield as it was in the 1940s. Produced by Gary Burns, this evocative package contains Spitfires and Hurricanes which perform taxying and takeoff routines. It's a great place to base your Hurricanes and they certainly look at home. Each model comes with a basic virtual cockpit which is functional in all the major controls.There's also a 2D panel included. The texture art comes from John Terrel, one of the best in the business and a special paint-kit is provided for those who'd like to try their hand at some alternative texture schemes. By 49.5MB
FS2004 Messershmitt Bf109E Package. Joining the Hurricane as an “adversary” partner is the Messershmitt Bf109E. Taken from our old Battle of Britain Tribute pack, the “Emil” is a delight to fly, once mastered and is a nimble, exciting performer. The model is an early generation and therefore does not have a functional VC but enough detail is there to give you a good ‘feel’ for the little fighter. We have modeled in correct leading edge flaps, full exterior animations and even a representation of Adolf Galland the Luftwaffe ace can be found in the cockpit. By 10.8MB

FS 2004 Republic P-47D FAD (Fuerza Aerea Dominicana) . Began operations into the F.A.D in 1942. Original by Denis & Daniel Da Silva. . Texture by Robert Serrata. 10.1MB

Update: Textures cradle in the logo of escudadron of hunting of F.A.D Fuerza Aerea Dominicana, Air force Dominican Republic 1940. 1.3MB

FS2004 / FSX de Havilland D.H.9. Designed to be the successor to the DH-4, with higher speed and greater load-carrying capability. Although it was structurally only a modest revision of the earlier model, higher performance was anticipated from use of the 300HP Siddeley-Puma engine. Development troubles with the Puma engine produced performance that was inferior to the earlier DH-4. Yet the DH-9 was constructed in large numbers (over 3,000 airframes) with the intent that it form the backbone of the Independent Force, the RAF strategic bombing group. Model, Panel & Texters By Chris Herring. 5.4MB
FS2004 Douglas C-47 F.A.D Textures only for the default FS9 DC3. Robert Serrata. 4MB
FS2002/FS2004 Blohm & Voss BV-138 flying boats. The unusual configuration of the three engined flying boat BV 138 showed a short hull, high mounted wings and two tail unit beams (giving the plane the nick-name "Flying clog"). Some BV 138 A's were used as transporters for the norwegian campaign in 1940, but late in June 1941 the BV 138 B's saw their service in the role they were constructed for, as sea-reconnaissance planes. From then on they patroled the North-sea and the Arctic-sea and shadowed the well known North-Cape convoys. The version BV 138 MS was equipped with a mine-sweeping gear and the BV 138 C-1 which was equipped with Radar saw service in anti U-boat attacks. Two kind of models (Type A and Type C with Radar) are included. by Kazunori Ito. 4.5MB
FS2004 RE 2005 Sagittario. The keen bombing of the 'Officine Reggiane' by the allied superior forces, suddenly stopped the production of this fascinating plane. Only 38 were built (eight for Luftwaffe...the German pilots loved it). This model features highly reflective metallic skin and full animations. The panel background has been created entirely from scratch, based on photographic material found on the net and some photos shot by the authors. Most of the gauges have been created by the authors; some are default gauges. Included in this model is a very simple virtual cockpit, with working essential flight instruments and animated flight controls. By Giovanni Quai and Italo D'Attomo. 1.5MB
FS2004, Curtiss S2C-5 'Helldiver' Italian Air Force Textures only. The Curtiss SB2C replaced the Douglas SBD in Nov of 1943, not well received by most Naval Dive Bomber pilots who didn't think it was a fitting replacement for the sturdy reliable and well-liked SBD. It was called the "Son of a Bitch 2nd Class ", "The Beast" and the "Big Assed Bird". All the Italian 'Helldivers' (C-5) were renamed S2 instead SB2 due to the armistice conditions that forbidden Italy to have bombers, for this reason all their bomb-bay were sealed before the delivery. Textures only for two S2C-5 'Helldivers' of the 86th Gruppo Antisom (Antisubmarine Warfare) of the Aeronautica Militare Italiana (Italian Air Force), Grottaglie Airport (TA), Italy, 1954/55 and one of the Italian Navy (M.M.I. Marina Militare Italiana) during the crews initial training at NAAS Cabaniss Field, Corpus Christi TX, 1951. These textures require the new and beautiful FREEWARE FS9 Curtiss SB2C-4 HELLDIVER by Wolfang 'Wolfi' Faber downloadable at Repaint by Manuele Villa. 8MB
FS2002/FS2004 Messerschmitt Me410 Hornisse.This was a Luftwaffe heavy fighter and Schnellbomber of World War II developed from the badly flawed Me 210.Essentially a straightforward development of that type, the 210 had garnered such a bad reputation-after many minor changes, including a subtle but important change to the wing's planform-that it was renamed the Me 410 to avoid disdain.By Kazunori Ito. 2.9MB