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FS98 MBB-Kawasaki BK117 Air Ambulance File Size 114302. I Standfast

FS98 (Garda) Irish Police Aerospatiale A355 Ecureuil 2 An Aerospatiale A355 Ecureuil 2 painted in the colours of the Garda Siochana (Irish Police). The Ecureuil 2 is one of two aircraft operated by the Irish Police the other being a PBN Defender fixed-wing aircraft. Original visual model and sound by Bill Lyons. Panel and new texture by Conor McDermottroe. File size 597448

FS98 Bell Textron 430 helicopter & panel. Bell Textron Model 430. An intermediate-weight twin-engined, 4 bladed, retractable gear, helicopter. Model featuring 2 FD's, special sound and a landing projector. Realistic panel in 800 x 600 res. PANEL NOT TESTED IN 3D MODE (READ THE ENCLOSED FILE) By Shlomo 'Slo Mo' Hakim and Michael Tscherdantzew Jr.. File size 922142

FS98 Hind MI 24. Mil Mi-24 Hind, Czech AF Display Team An assault helicopter, carrying a large weapons load, but also capable of transporting up to eight troops. This one is in attractive display tiger color scheme. Includes helicopter, panel and real sounds. Original by Michael De Santis. Repaint, sounds and panel by Jiri Masnik. File size 1621751

FS98 USN Sea King SH3 United States Navy #66 SH-3 Sea King Helicopter and panel. has FS98 Bell flight controls. Includes landing lights, strobes, and opening side door. by Tom Miller. File size 213396

FS98 Westland Wessex - Westland Wessex HC Mk2 - by Graham "DOTCOM" Waterfield with assistance from Jim "DOC" Goldman and Robert "TURK" Kirkland File size 291930

FS98 Hughes 500D. Navin Bopitiya. File size 51793

FS98 Westpac Trust Kawasaki BK117 FS98 BK-117 Westpac Trust Rescue Helicopter. This a New Zeland Helicopter with the sole task of search and rescue. IT has a stable flight model, and is easier to hover than the Bell. Model by Ian Standfast. Repainted by Henry Dumbleton. File size 955273

FS98 NYPD Eurocopter AS 350B. FS98 AS350B NYPD This is the NYPD's newest helicopter to join the fleet. It is eqiuped with search lights. By Cameron Howard. File size 139230

FS98 United Nations Hinde 124 FS98 Mi24 Hind D of the UNITED NATIONS This attack/transport helicopter was designed for having a double usage: transporting 8 sol diers to the battlefield, and having first cl ass-attack capability:a Huey and an Apache mi xed together in only one machine, which has n ever need for armed escort! This particular v ersion is deployed by United Nations in Croat ia for peacekeeping operations. By Michael De Santis. File size 1583993

FS98 US Army Bell UH ID Iroquois Huey. The classic 'nam chopper. FS98 Bell UH-1D Iroquois. The Bell UH-1 series of Helicopters were used extensively during the Vietnam War. This model "Huey" is painted in generic United States Army colours and features clear rotor effects, opening side doors and a Crewman firing an M60 machine gun. By Deane Baunton. File size 447502

FS98 NYPD Bell 412 SP. FS98 Bell 412SP New York city Police. The Bell 412 series of Helicopters are used extensively by Emergency Rescue and police services. This model features clear rotor effects and opening side doors. By Deane Baunton. File size 387790