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FS98 Westland Lynx. FS98 Westland Lynx AH1 Lynx Attack Helicopter Includes panel and sounds. Thanks to all the gauge, panel and sound techs By Nigel Booth. File size 1270757

FS98 Swiss rescue Augusta A-109. Agusta A-109 K2 REGA Swiss Rescue for FS98 Kenny Morand's first repainted plane Original Designer : A.C.T. publishing/Thierry Mathijs. File size 79640

FS98 ADAC, German rescue, MD 900 FS98 MD-900 Explorer - ADAC Rescue Helicopter "Christoph Hansa", based in Hamburg (Germany). Model by Tim Harris, repaint by Dirk Weinberg . File size 91046

FS98 Belgian Westland Seaking Mk 48.FS98 Westland Seaking MK48 SAR. Used by the Belgian Airforce. It is painted in the colors of the 40th SAR Squadron based at Coxyde Airbase in Belgium. The squadron is known for its risky search and rescue missions above the Northsea. Made and painted by Martin Fleurman. File size 183896

FS98 US Presidential USMC S61N, Marine One. FS98 S-61N USMC Marine One The Sikorsky S-61N Helicopter in USMC Marine One colors. The helicopter that carries the President to and from the White house. Includes Panel. Model and panel by Tom Miller. Textures by the Freeware works.. File size 338723. Patch for this file. (48306 bytes)

FS98 Bell 47G , RCN. With panel & sound files.FS98 Bell47G Royal Canadian Navy helicopter. The Bell model 47 was used for Training, Search & Rescue. It was a very successful modelwith many were still in use in the early 90's. Designer:Bill Lyons remodified and painted by: Bob Tremblay. File size 1324077

FS98 Blue Thunder, V2.0 This release of Blue Thunder features a more realistic flight model for FS98. It no longer behaves like an airplane! Its a little easier to land than the Bell and doesn't bounce as much.The sounds have also been improved,im sure you'll find it more suited to Blue Thunder. Visual Model by : Dan Geis Sound by : Ian Standfast FS98 Flight Model : R.A.Khan. File size 953546

FS98 Replacement generic helicopter panel giving wider & full forward view. File size 256503. By Angelo Moneta

FS98 Panel: McDonnell Douglas MD 900 navigational panel.. File size 362361. By T Harris

Fix for this

FS98 Panel: Bell 47 - revised panel to give good, full forward & down view. File size 494789. Jim Laskowski

FS98 Polizie Eurocopter BK117. FS98 Eurocopter BK-117 - German Police Helicopter "Hummel" of North Rhine-Westfalia, based at Duesseldorf airport (Germany). Model by Ian Standfast, repaint by Dirk Weinberg . File size 106586.

FS98 Panel: Light - Medium generic Helicopter with good views. Suitable for Augusta 109, S16, Dauphin Etc. File size 411584. D Weinberg