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Civil Jets Page 38

FS98 MacDonnell Douglas colors DC10-10. The 1st DC10, 1970. File size 172799. B Alderson, S Chin, A Dorta

FS98 Air France A320-300 with moving parts. File size 111940. R Coughlan

FS98 RAF Lockheed Martin L1011. File size 100478

FS98 747-400 The Complete Package 3. This package contains these planes: Boeing 747-419 of Air New Zealand (ZK-NBS, Mataatua), Boeing 747-433M of Air Canada (C-GAGL), Boeing 747-468 of Saudi Arabian Airlines (HZ-AIW), Boeing 747-4J6M of Air China (B-2447). All with panel, sounds by Mike Hambly and checklists by Wagner Beskow. By Yannic Cathalina. File size 2645750


FS98 CSA Tuplolev TU 104. Developed from the TU 16 Bomber, this aircraft was operational between 1957 & 73. File size 147247. R Osborne, J Masnik

FS98 amercan airlines Boeing 707 in 1st AA colors. High quality. File size 278061
FS98 Boeing 777-200 Prototype in Boeing colors with full moving parts. High quality. File size 572182. C Valliquette, Freeware Works

FS98 amercan airlines Boeing 757 in 40th Aniversary colors. File size 268653

FS98 Eastern Airlines MD DC-9 with panel & moving parts. File size 1735933. M Vidal, D Durst
FS98 Turkish Airlines A340-300. High quality with full moving parts