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Civil Jets Page 39

FS98 Repaint textures for default 737. In the scheme of Austin Powers 'The Spy Who Shagged Me'. (...yes, we know it was a 747!!...) 9k. M Rogerson

FS98 SwissAir Boeing 747-357. High quality in old colors. Swissair is now replacing 747's with A340's. File size 249870. B Alderson, R Gaddis, D Jones

FS98 TAM A330-200. High quality with full moving parts. File size 210178. C Valliquette

FS98 Boeing 737-210, Bouraq Airlines, Indonesia. High quality textures. File size 143811. OMC'99

FS98 Boeing 737-210 Mandala Airlines, Indonesia. File size 96828. OMC'99

FS98 Boeing 767, Garuda Airlines, Indonesia. With moving flaps & gear. File size 210035. OMC'99


FS98 Fokker 100, Monpatia Nusantara Airlines, Indonesia. Moving gear & flaps. File size 166829. OMC'99

FS98 Sempati Air, Indonesia Fokker 100 with moving gear & flaps. File size 219793. OMC'99
FS98 Qantas Boeing 767-300 with moving parts. File size 99769. M Eigendorp

FS98 Republic DC-9-15, old colors. High quality. File size 200457. B Quayle, M Pinkney