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Military Page 13

FS98 CF-18, Canadian F-18 Hornet. Full pack with panel & sound files. High quality. File size 1659076.


FS98 BAe Hawk V1 Red Arrow File size 36739

FS98 CDF16A Falcon. High quality. File size 233182. Alternative site

FS98 Sukhoi SU27P 595. Test pilot's version. File size 108389

FS98 SEPECAT RAF Jaguar T2. File size 99883

FS98 Saab J29 F Flygande Tunnan. This was the fasted tested aircraft in 1954 at 977kmh. File size 78943

FS98 Northrop F5A Freedom Fighter. File size 73636

FS98 Brazillian Air Force EMB-312 Tucano with panel. File size 2309824

FS98 Nasa B-52 Stratotfortress. One of the oldest B-52's still in service. File size 463070

FS98 Lockheed Martin C 130 Hercules. United Freedom Fighters. Full pack with panel & sound. File size 3324536