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Military Page 14

FS98 USAF C-32A, based at Andrews AFB. Military adapted Boeing 757. File size 82443

FS98 USN North American Rockwell RA-5C with arrest hook for carrier landing. File size 111507

FS98 Saab A32A Lansen (Javelin). The first Swedish jet to break the sound barrier. File size 75442

FS98 TS11 Iskra, Polish Jet Trainer. With panel. File size 697088

FS98 Lockheed Martin AC-130 Spectre. Full pack with panel & sound. File size 5506142. Phil Stokes, David Giles

FS98 USAF Northrop Grumman E-8J Star. File size 77528

FS98 USAF MD KC-10A Extender, military adapted DC10. File size 90192

FS98 USAF Lockheed Martin C-141B Starlifter, full pack with panel & sound. File size 2793598.

FS98 English Electric Canberra, RAE (RAF), File size 84847. M Hill, C Norwood

FS98 Handley Page Victor Mk 2 Tamker. File size 50053