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FS98 Brazil Air Force Northrop F-5E Tiger II with panel. File size 1522187. R da Costa Nery

FS98 USN Northrop F/A 18A Hornet, full pack with panel, sounds & moving parts. HUD works with 3d cards. File size 1594992. L Magruder

FS98 Euroflight TYPHOON (ex ef2000) release 2.00 - New release with features transparent canopy (with cockpit) modified for best view and other minor modifications - add: moving parts (gear - flaps - slats - ailerons - elevators - spoiler -landing lights), texture of landing gear bay doors. Two aircraft: "gray typhoon" (same colors of release 1.00) and new "blue Typhoon". By Giuseppe Chiacchietta (Bepino). File size 219416

FS98 Douglas C-133a Cargomaster This plane took many months to complete and together with our B-58 are probably the most complex AC for FS98 incorporating new design and texture techiques. The C-133a features a unique paint scheme, panels, sounds, landing lights, full array of moving parts as well as a fully tested FDE. By Gerry Schmidt, Jim Goldman, Larry Teele, Robert Kirkland, Alex Bashkatov, and Mike Hambly FlightSim Developers (FSD)

Part 1: c133fsd1.zip contains the aircraft, panel & sounds. 2.9MB

Part 2: c133fsd2.zip contains the gauges & some additional sounds. Without the gauges the panel is useless so both files are necessary. 4.3MB


FS98 LOCKHEED P-3 "BLUE SENTINAL" Moving parts version Lockheed P-3 AEW/C Orion operated by U.S. Customs Service employed to monitor potential drug smuggling routes.by Harry Follas from original Electra by Kevin Trinkle. Flight Model by Mike Vidal. File size 138173

FS98 Douglas X-3 Stiletto, complete package This is a conplete package, including Mike Hill's aircraft with full animation done by him. Sounds by "Oscar" a new panel by me. This one is not for the faint hearted as it takes off and lands at 200 mph, below that it stops flying. If you want to try and Master the meanest of the X-series give it a try. (Many hours and allot of research were spent making it handle this way.) By Mike Hill and Dana McGee (see Mike Hill's site for his new X-plane page.). File size 2065595

FS98 Dassault Mirage F-1CR of the French Armée de l'Air. Squadron 2/33 Savoie (33-NT), european camouflage with moving parts. File size 79127. J Ashworth, M Simeon

FS98 Hercules C-130H of the Isreali Air Force. Workhorse of Israel Air Force Transport wing. This is V.3 of this aircraf updated by Gabe Eisner to include moving landing gears, flaps and prop's. Designed (AFX) By Barry Blaisdell Paint by Gabe Eisner . File size 199089


FS98 NASA/ USAF Martin Marietta X-24 with panel. File size 1156642. M Hill D McGee

FS98 USAF Convair F-102-A Delta Dagger. File size 90948. M Hill