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Military Page 19

FS98 Lockheed TF104G Starfighter. Full pack with panel & sounds. File size 1930002. M Gurzerka, R Irwin, M Buenson

FS98 USAF Douglas RB -66C Destroyer winth panel. File size 1356503. H Pidgeon, R Turner

FS98 Dassault Mirage 4000. File size 177896. T Chao

FS98 Czeck Mikoyan Mig 29 Fulcrum with moving parts. 'Tiger Squadron'. File size 265713. S Barnes, M Lisner

FS98 Czeck Mig 23MF with moving parts incl. sliding wing. File size 189033. E Johnson, M Lisner

FS98 Dassault/Denel Super Mirage F1AZ, South African Air Force with panel & full moving parts. File size 1240464

FS98 Patroville Suisse Northrop F-5 with moving parts. File size 198766. N Arrigo, A Delacretaz

FS98 Eurofighter Typhoon. File size 187560. G Chiacchietta

FS98 Lockheed F-104D Starfighter tactical strike trainer used by the 479th Tactical Fighter Wing at George AFB, 1958-1967. Checklist and panel included. Sounds by Mike Hambly. TF model by Markus Buensen, from a Michael Gurezka original. Repaint by Robert Irwin. File size 2441073

FS98 USAF Thunderbirds display team, Thunderbird 5, F-16-C. File size 94581. L Kornstaedt, F Robbins