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Military Page 18

FS98 Belgian F-16A Falcon. Moving parts. File size 113187. M Harrison, C Norwood

FS98 F/A 18 Pack. Package includes: F/A-18 Blue Angel #7 (US Navy)
CF/A-18 Tiger (Canadian)
CF/A-18 Canadian
Photo real panel w/working MFDs and HUD
F/A-18 sound pack
Situation files for Carrier launch and recovery. Aircraft have had fine tuned flight dynamics for more acurate flying. File size 3707060 (3.7mb). Packaged & modified air files by Lawren (Seawolf) Downing. Original Aircraft by various

FS98 AV-8B Harrier 2 with moving parts. File size 100514. B Lyons, M Carlson Patch (50k)

FS98 MD RF-4C Phantom II of the National Air Guard, Reno, Nv. File size 56383. C Lampert, J Roseborough

CFS/FS98 USN F-4 Phantom II. File size 111510. J DeCesare, M Gureska

FS98 North American Rockwell RA-5C with moving parts. File size 104805. M Taccoli

FS98 Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star, The 1st US operational jet fighter with moving parts. File size 104528

FS98 USAF Lockheed Martin/ Boeing F-22 pack with panel, sounds & moving parts. HUD on panel works only with 3d cards. File size 2738983. B Arnett, B Sumpter, P Schwerdfeger, repainted by J Wheeler

FS98 NA B-45A Tornado with panel. Atomic Bomber from c. 1054-58. File size 1412408. J Arzdorf, D Turner

FS98 Republic F-105D Thunderchief, based at Dyess AFB. File size 116358. M Hill, T Hill, M Field