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FS98/FS2000 Convair B58 Hustler. This must be the most complex add-on for FS ever. It took the authors 10 months to creat. Full package with moving parts sounds & a complex high quality panel. 2 part download. Stored on different server as 1st time posting sent our main server down! By Flight Sim Developers. BEWARE : HUGE file!

Part 1aircraft & sound files, 6.4mb (or here)

Part 2 panel 4.4mb (or here)

Team : J Goldman, R Kirkland, M Hambly, G Schmidt, A Bashkatou, L Teale

FS98 MD F15E Eagle with moving parts. File size 183253. M Harrison

FS98 GD Lockheed F16A Falcon FA-25. File size 94138. C Norwood, R Fosmaug. Read review

FS98 F4B Phantom!! USN VF-22L1. File size 97384. M Guerzka, D DeCesare

FS98 SR71 Blackbird with moving parts & 3d wheels. File size 145473. R Conklin, M Harrison

FS98 RAF English Electric Lightning with moving gear. File size 111866. M Hill, D Burke, M Harrison

FS98 USN A6 Intruder. Acurate flight dynamics allowing it to be carrier landable. With panel & sounds. File size 1454586

FS98 General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon with panel. Working HUD in 3d mode only. File size 1185845. Anon.

FS98 F-18 Suk 2000. High quality with moving parts. File size 207835. J Schumacher

FS98 Avro 730. UK supersonic bomber. Never made production due to spiraling costs. Moving parts & panel included. File size 1634820. J Burtenshaw, D Haskell