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FS98 British Aerospace Sea Harrier FRS II. This is a repaint in the correct colours during the early 80s,it can be used in CFS/FS98 (no damage profile & no moving parts) Here's my Harrier. With wing tanks AND Missiles. It will lift off at 24 kts, land at 5 kts, and reach a (stable) airspeed of 550 kts. The AP will work also, up to about 350 kts. I've had a lot of fun (and problems) creating this model, and even more fun flying it. Updated by Ian Winter july 00 from a Bill Cusick original. 83K

FS98 Canadian Armed Forces MD CF-18A Hornet MD CF-18A 1999 Air Show 75th Annv of RCAF Paint Scheme, Number 188718. This airplane represents the CF-18A used in 1999 Airshows across North America. It is from #4 Wing - 410 Tactical Fighter Squadron (Cougar Squadron) located in Cold Lake, Alberta. Repaint/design by Peter Behring including moving flaps/gear, removal of drop tank/sidewinders for realism in airshows. Orig:B.Arnett, 2nd:I.Tahvanainen,and D.Mrawek. 1.7MB


FS98 Japan Air Self Defence Force F-18 Eagle with sound and panel. Sounds By Ryuji Ozawa. Panel by Chuck Dome. Aircraft by Atsushi Terui. 3.9MB
FS98 grumman F14 Tomcat 164604 VX-9 Vampires black scheme Original Model - Terry Hill Repainted by Colin Norwood. 2.2MB
FS98 German Air Force Lockheed F-104G Starfighter 26+88 More than 1,200 'G' models of the Lockheed F-104 Starfighters were produced for European NATO air forces in the 1960s. They were used as interceptors and fighter bombers. This is 26+88 of Marineflieger-Geschwader (Navy Aviation Wing) MFG 2, German Navy. Aircraft by M.Gurezka, modified by S.Prattico'. Panel by K.Biris, modified by S.Prattico'. Sound by D.Haskell and M.Hambly, modified by S.Prattico'. Air file by S.Prattico'. Damage profile for CFS by Speedman. 2.5MB

TORNADO GR1 LUFTWAFFE. Design & Paint by Paul Emsley This aircraft was created using Abacus Aircraft Factory 99 and is for FS 98 & 2000. 136K


FS98 De Havilland DH-100 Vampire Anthology This is an Anthology of nine De Havilland DH-100 Vampire from various Air Forces from all over the World. Included are Vampires from: Royal Air Force, Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force, Italian Air Force, Indian Air Force, Switzerland Air Force, Mexican Air Force, Venezuelan Air Force, France Air Force. Aircraft Design and Check-List from Antoine Delacretaz; Moving Parts from Pattick Boissel; Sound from Mike Hambly; Texture, Flight Model, Panel and Package by Simone Prattico'. 2.9MB



F-14B Tomcat, reworked jetdynamics for FS98 & FS2000. This fighter simulate the airdynamics without "fly-by-wire" The flight dynamics is in such a way conceived that the F14 simulates the typical class "A" characteristic in close curves " antinode bulge in front flies ". Airfile Author: Kazuo Saido Airdynamics: reworked by Roy Hahmann. 204K


CFS/FS98/FS2000 General Dynamics F-16 "Fighting Falcon" RNOAF This F-16A, serial 272, from 332 squadron is based at Rygge Main Air Station in the southern part of Norway. The Royal Norwegian Air Force (RNoAF) ordered 72 Fighting Falcons (60 F-16A and 12 F-16B), with delivery starting in 1980. Norwegian F-16's are recognisable by the brake chute container under the tail fin (although other countries have this fairing as well, to contain brake chutes, ECM etc). Aircraft by: Colin Norwood Repaint by: Jens-Ole Kj°lberg. 108K


FS98 FS2000 Douglas F5D-1 Skylancer. An intended follow-on to the F4D-1 Skyray that never entered production. Used by NASA to develop a launch abort program for the Dyna-Soar, and later used as a chase plane. Model features working gear, flaps, wing fences, opening canopy and speed brakes. By Klaus D. Werr. 200K