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FS98/FS2000 F9F-2 Panther US Navy/Marines fighter aircraft in two liveries, Korea War era and F9F-2K "Redbird" Drone. Moving parts. Aircraft model and panel from scratch by Dave Carroll. 731K

CFS/FS98 Vought A7D Corsair II 70-970/MB from the 354th TFW, Korat RTAFB 1972 Original Model - Mike Hill Modified by Sean Galbraith. Moving parts & CFS update by SPEEDMAN. Repainted by Jens-Ole Kjųlberg. 186K

CFS/FS98 Douglas TA-4F Skyhawk TA-4F from the MAG 11, USMC. This aircraft was used as a fast FAC during the Vietnam War. Original by Deane Baunton. Moving parts by Lewis Magruder. Repainted by Jens-Ole Kjųlberg. 222K

FS98/CFS Blue Angels TA-4J Skyhawk Blue Angels #7 registration 154049. The TA-4J Skyhawk was used by the "Blues" from 1974 to 1986. Great for carrier ops. Original by Deane Baunton. Textures, flight dinamic, moving parts by Lewis Magruder. 203K

FS2000/FS98/CFS MDD F-15B EAGLE Israel Defense Force-Air Force F-15B EAGLE 133nd Squadron, Tel Noz Air Base. Including moving parts. Aircraft by Atsushi Terui. Modified texture by Raoul Paolini. 225K


Blue Angel Set. (FS98- Updated Oct. 9th) A full set of the Navy's Blue Angels for those who don't like just having #7 Hornet or a bunch of Phantoms. Repaints, animation, and smoke system added to Bryant Arnett and Brett Sumpter's Hornet #7. These also included Panel and Sound which I kept. I have also included glowing #s on the tails and 2 versions of the 8th plane. By: John Wightman. 3.2MB



FS98 T-33A USAF Jet Trainer Version 2 This is an improved version of my first upload (T33usaf.zip). I have added 3-D tires,extra textures and rounded structures.Also,the landing gear and flaps are now animated. Based on the F-80C "Shooting Star" the T-33 was developed as a jet-trainer aircraft for the U.S.Air Force in 1952.These markings are for serial number 80575 of the Air Defense Command. Original model by Mike Hill. Repainted by Joćo Corredeira . 962K


FS98/CFS/FS2000 Lockheed F104G Starfighter USAF This is an updated version of Michael Gurezkas' F-104G model. It has been painted in the colors of the U.S.Air Force. The model includes fully animated control surfaces,landing gear and speedbrakes. Phil Perrots'F-104 panel and a soundpack by M.Hambly/D.Haskell are included for more realism. Textures and modified model by Gary D.Jones. 1.8MB

UPDATE: FS98/CFS/FS2000 F104G Starfighter USAF Update These are updated .MDL and .AIR files for the F-104G. They correct the rudder animation and eliminate the distorted virtual cockpit view. For use with f104usaf.zip by Gary D.Jones. 47K

FS98/FS2000 21st Century XB-70 "Valkyrie" This is the 21st century upgrade of the worlds only supersonic heavy bomber. The "original" XB-70 was designed to penetrate the Soviet Union at high altitude and speed armed with nuclear weapons. Unfortunately the aircrafts design was like Jack Northrops "Flying Wings" ahead of its time. With a high take off weight and engines that were under powered the Valkyrie never reached its performance projections. This version has no moving parts , 3d textures or a panel. What she does have is awesome power ,speed and grace and is a pilots airplane. I would like to thank Pat Simms,Joe Cambell(who is also working on the panel) and Alex for testing her out and pushing her as well as themselves to the limits of her capability. Stay tuned for the moving parts and panel upgrade. The sound files included were originally done by Gabor Bara and have been tweeked a little and seem to work nicely. Curt"The Mutt" May. 1.8MB