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FS98 Hot Air Balloon by Capt Slug. 520K


ETA Utility. This will estimate your time of arrival. File size 60247. S Johnson.

Update for this. File size 65752


FS98 The Titanic. On May 31st, 1911 this great vessel was launched in Belfast from the dock at Harland & Wolff. The ship was considered "Unsinkable". Unfortunately during Her maiden voyage to North America the "Titanic" struck and iceberg on april 12th, 1914 and the rest is History. This version was designed with Aircraft Factory 99 and is made for use in Microsoft Flight Simulator 98. The interior panel was designed by Casey Priscilla. Copyright (c) Frank J. Petriccione 1999
Bird-of-Prey Project Files. For Aircraft Factory '99. Conatins all parts, structures and components for a Klingon Bird-of-Prey that was never finished. Files are not crated. If you can improve on it, please notify me. 36K
Area 51 UFO With panel & sound By Paul Emsley This aircraft was made using Abacus Aircraft Factory 99 and is for flight sim 98. *The panel for this aircraft is not great, feel free to make improvements on it. 670K

Exclusively for FS98. Made only for fun flying the Powered ParaGlider is an easy-to-fly STOL machine great for cliff jumping, light sailing, and thermal soaring. Or just fly it around to take in the sights. By Captain Slug. 164K


FS98 Flying Fun Videos Thank you for downloading this video set It includes : *Paragliding over Oahu.vid *Paragliding over NYC.vid *Flying the 737-200.vid. By Tom Coogan. 62K

FS98/CFS ID4 Alien Attacker You could have seen this extra-terrestrial fighter/attacker in the movie "Independence day". Now you can fly it in your FS98/2000 or fight with it in CFS. This vehicle features high manoeuvreability and effecive weapons. Modified Learjet panel and CFS damage profile are included. Created by: Milan Lisner. 253K
FS98 Starwars X-Wing v2 Design & paint By Paul Emsley This aircraft was made using Abacus Aircraft Factory 99 and is for flight sim 98. Requires Flight Shop Converter 98 to be installed. What's new? My X-Wing now has a clear canopy, R2-D2 and a pilot. 62K
Stargate Goa'uld space vessel for FS98 & it might work with FS2K By Paul Emsley Place this folder in the aircraft directory of FS98. Used by all Goa'ulds I think! I just made it because I saw it on a picture (that pic is included) and I thought it looked good! I am a big fan of Stargate SG-1 and I am working on a panel for this ship and two different death gliders then I will move on to a Goa'uld Ha'tak vessel (mothership). 52K