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Panels Page 34
Fokker F-100 with acurate layout. File size 888125. R da Fontura Chechia. Update. (248k) Update 2 1.4MB
Yak 40. File size 1797882. V Serebrinikov
Uni Panel, jumpseat view of an Airbus type panel. Not suitable for serious IFR flight. File size 812608. F Leon
Saab Grippen JAS 39. File size 835210. G Gebel
Boeing 377 Stratocruiser. File size 1572500. S Grille
Boeing 707/720. File size 1993437. K Crook, S Grille, P Protopapas

Cessna 310 IFR panel with GPS. File size 2429523. R Greenhaut, M Verlin, C Dome, A Capt, R Chaffin

Update 93k


BAe ATP photoreal panel. File size 1283505. D Haskell
Heavy twin jet panel with freeware CRT. File size 2461240. Dave Armour
Cessna 172P Photoreal Panel. Includes a digital photo of a real Cessna 172 panel used as the background. Radio gauges by HGHB. Includes master switch, avionics power switch, custom light switches, yoke on/off switch. 3D Tested, 1024x768. By Charles A. Grimes. File size 3MB