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Panels Page 35
FS98 panel for the Boeing 247D. Pre-WWII Airliner. By Dave Haskell
Christian Eagle II from about 1993. File size 394981. J Stubbs

DHC6 Twin Otter panel. File size 1604316. A Rusli

Fokker 50 Panel v1.2 for FS98 by Espen Oijordsbakken. All bitmaps and gauges have been custom made for this panel. File size 1082673

FS98 Cessna 172P Photo-realalistic instrument panel. Includes a digital photo of a real cessna 172P panel used as the background.Radio gauges by HGHB.Includes master switch, Avionics Power Switch,Custom Light switches,Yoke ON/OFF Switch. 3D Tested, 1024 X 768. This update replaced 3 gauges to make Panel look more like the real panel,also corrected a few bugs. By Charles A. Grimes. File size 2987233

1998 Luscombe 11E "Proof of Concept" Instrument Panel The Luscombe 11E marks the company's return to the 4 place light aircraft market after 50 years.This panel is designed from reference photos and information derived from their proof of concept panel which was used to secure the FAA airworthiness certificate.At $144,000.00 it has more bells and whistles than former Luscombe flyers are normally accustomed.The panel is drawn for 800x600 resolution and has been tested in 3D.By J.L.Stubbs. File size 436460

FS98 Panel BELL X-1 "GLAMOROUS GLENNIS" The X-1 #1 airplane flew for the last time on May 12, 1950. During its career,it made eighty-three flights with ten different pilots.Heck...it ain't even broke in good!I say it's time to get her off the ceiling and thrash her with more pilots. Custom gauge programming by Brian Kostick.Recommended aircraft:(x1-fs6.zip).The panel is drawn for 800x600 resolution and has been tested in 3D. This is as close as I get to "Rocket Science".By J.L.Stubbs

Airbus A310 Tested on both 800 and 1024 resolutions as well in fullscreen mode. All gauges have unique names and will not overwrite the ones in your gauges folder. Peter Mess. File size 398102

FS98 Piper Pa-42 Cheyenne III Panel Version 1.0 Detailled Panel for the Piper Pa 42 Cheyenne III. By Michael Sarbutts and Matthias Lieberecht. File size 1385170

SAAB 39 Gripen aircraft.Panel for SAAB 39 Gripen (Griffin) for FS98 Flight Simulator. Designed from photograph of real panel. Lars Lindh. File size 439776