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FS98 Avro ARJ Panel Version 2.0 Realistic and very detailled Panel with a painted Bitmap (no scanned elements) for the Avro ARJ. A completely new Version with a lot of functions like GPWS, full working Annunciator Panel (no dummies), realistic startup procedure including APU, all warning lights with real functions (some with sounds) and many more. More than 100 Gauges divided in the Main- and Overhead Panel but nevertheless not disordered. Almost all instruments are illuminated at night. By Matthias Lieberecht.. 5.4MB
FS98 MH-53J Pavelow III Panel. Equipped with FLIR, GPS, Doppler Navigation and Terrain Avoidance Radar, the crew of 6 can put their payload on target anywhere in the world. Panel requires ACS-GPS. NAVSTAR is not needed for panel2. Modified by Terry. Evans. 1.4MB

FS98 F94C "Starfire" panel. Designed from the original T33 panel from Phil Perrott and an official USAF photo. The Starfire was designed to intercept russian bombers before they could reach US mainland. The F94C entered service in 1953 and was the first interceptor armed only with rockets. By Renaud Dudon. 827K

Fokker 100 panel. This is a beta version and soon comes a upgrade by Frank Elfert and Eelco Poelsma ( The final Version ) This panel is compatible with FS2000 and FS'98. 428K

FS98 Socata TBM 700 panel. This aircraft is only new on the market. It is a one engined pressurised aircraft. It has an electronic flight instrument system (EFIS) and can be flown by one pilot under IFR conditions. By Mark Dwyer. 961K

fs98 Boeing 777/767/757 A320 Panel This is a modification of the D.Durst/M.Vidal's dc-9-51 panel to be used with 2 engines,jets and big jets. I mainly use it with Boeing 777 but it can be used with Boeing 757,767 and Airbus 320. Enclosed to the zip file there are an aircraft, already configured with the panel, and the AcsGps program which is part of the panel. Roberto Trevisi. 3MB
FS 98 only F18 Panel by Teemu (The Simpilot) Vilppola. 585K
L-1011-500 Panel for FS98 by Peter Weingard I have always enjoyed 'older' jet aircraft, and the L-1011 will always have a special place in my heart and hanger. This panel attempts to create a photo-realistic rendering of an L-1011-500, with the placement of guages in the most accurate positions and styles I could muster at this point in time. The photos were very kindly supplied by Marcus Karlsson. 1.2MB
FS98 737 Hi Vis panel. This is a high visibility panel for the boeing 737, if you are having trouble landing the 737 this panel is good for learning. Aaron Mack. 121K

FS98 Prop Hi Vis Panel. This is a high visibility panel for any single engine aircraft, great for people who are having trouble landing. Aaron Mack. 155K