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FS98/FS2000 Lockheed L-1011 Tristar Panel Version 3.0 Version 2.0 of the Tristar Panel contents a completely reworked Panel-Bitmap, which is much clearer now. The Gauges are placed more similar to the real cockpit and a lot of new Gauges are added. By Matthias Lieberecht. **Updated Sept.01,2001** New aircraft registration # added N728DA by Joe DeGregorio. 1.4MB
FS98/FS2000 Fokker 100 panel. This is a beta version and soon comes a upgrade by a friend of my: Frank Elfert ( The final Version ) This panel is compatible with FS2000 and FS'98. Configured by: Eelco Poelsma. 438K
FS98 Airbus A319/320/321 Panel. This is my latest panel, and special thanks to my good friend: Frank Elfert for his great help! FLY AWAY 2000 ( Eelco Poelsma and Frank Elfert), tested in the follow resolutions: 640x480 and 1024x786. The panel should also work well on other resolutions. FRAME RATE friendly too! For FS98. 397K
FS98 Panel for the Canadair CL 415 firefighter, .3dfx tested, accurate and with the right gauges. by Bill Yiannakos. 899K
All in 1 panel For Flight Simulator 98 and Combat Flight Simulator1 . This panel has everything, you could need for: - navigation - helicopters - carrier landings - fighting I have not tried to make a realistic panel, this panel should be suitable for as many as possible situations while simming. The panel includes a Head Up Display, an H_World map with VOR and ILS frequencies, plus Ramrod's complete H_World GPS. Simon Wunderlin AKA H_Spliffster. 1.1MB

FS98/CFS Bell AH-1S-Z Super Cobra Panel Taken from a real photo of the newest system for the Bell AH-1Z Super Cobra. Some new gauges and information added in the panel such as its own Check List, Radio Computer, and CFS/FS98 programable GPS system by Chuck Dome. By Kirk Long. 1MB

FS98/CFS PZL PW-5 Glider Panel Works with FS2002/FS2000/CFS2/FS98/CFS1 simulators. This is a Sailplane/Glider photo real panel with new gauges. Wind Master hand held wind and position direction computer, moving glider stick, Rolex hand watch, GPS, and other gauges added. Photo By Jorge Albanese Panel By Kirk Long. 965K

FS2000 / FS98 CT133 T-bird panel Ron Hill. (Canadian Lockheed T33A Aircraft) This panel and custom gauges were created using photographs of the Avionic upgrade CT133 Aircraft and Operating Instruction manuals. The panel was tested in FS2000 using an airfile by Bruce Thorson and in FS98 using an airfile by Tom Goodrick. The gauges accomodate realistic IFR flying. 927K
FS98 Canadian Lancaster Maritime Patrol panel by Ron Hill. This panel and custom gauges were created using Lancaster photographs, Pilot Notes and RCAF Engineering Order manuals. The panel was tested using Keith Clifford's LANC09 RCAF MR Lancaster Mk X. 892K
F16 panel for Flt Sim 98 An F16 varient not accurately depicted. But more as a generic panel for modern Military Fighters of one and two engine types. Includes animated Radar, Map/Navdash window, custom Attitude, & some digital gauges. 186K
FS98 Pilatus Porter simplified panel. By Adela Covarrubias. 1MB
FS98/CFS MDD F15A Panel. Very accurate F15A "Eagle" panel. Represent the panel of earlier F15 version, with only one small CRT on left hand Inculdes switchable HUD, ILS, GPS and navigation stuff + forward view extension for TOL Panel by Renaud d'Athis, Bitmap by Alpha Sims. 2.1MB
FS98/CFS SAAF AMD-BA Mirage F1az panel. High resolution SAAF Mirage F1az panel. Represent the panel of the earlier SAAF version of the Mirage F1. Inculdes switchable HUD, ILS, GPS and navigation stuff Panel by Renaud d'Athis, Bitmap by Alpha Sims. 2.1MB
FS98 / CFS General Dynamics F16A "Fighting Falcon" panel. by Renaud d'Athis. 1.6MB
FS98 / CFS Mc Donnell-Douglas F4M FGR.Mk.2 "Phantom II" panel. by Renaud d'Athis. 1.5MB