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FS98 Beech Duke Beech BE60 Duke v1.0 for FS98 & FS6 File size 149700 Dennis Stiglmayer
FS98 Piper Navajo Chieftan/ EMBRAER EMB-820 Navajo for FS98 Manufacture under licence by EMBRAER, the Piper PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain are designated EMB-820 Navajo in Brazil. AFX Files by Eric Johnson Visual Model modified and repainted by Renato D. Pullin Flight Model by Renato D. Pullin File size 62946
FS98 Beech Baron B58FS98 Beechcraft B58 "Baron". Light Twin in Aerocondor livery. Freeware by Dennis Wasnich. Painted by Carlos Neto. incl panel File size 491434
FS98 Maxair Metro FS98 MaxAir Metro MaxAir is an new swedish airline that operates just one Metro between Hamburg and Malmö. It was founded in October 1998. Repainted by Henrik Plociennik.. File size 89133
FS98 Sikorski S42 Flying Boat FS98 SIKORSKY S-42 FLYING BOAT "BRAZILIAN CLIPPER" PAN AMERICAN AIRWAYS SYSTEM, 1934 DESIGN: HARRY FOLLAS DYNAMICS: BRIAN HORSEY PANEL: BRIAN HORSEY Sikorsky S-42 NC-822M "Brazilian Clipper' was the 1st of 3 S-42s, 3 S-42As, and 4 S-42Bs Build for Pan American Airways from 1934. When built It was the largest aircraft in the United States with panel File size 1052713
FS98 RNZAF Short Sunderland MR5 FS98 RNZAF Short Sunderland MR5 NZ4111 By Harry Follas Based on Original AFX by Mike Hill File Size 100225
FS98 Lockheed CP140 Aurora Lockheed CP140 Aurora Maritime Patrol Aircraft For FS98 Visual model by Eric Mitchell Flight model by Mike VidalFile size 43668
FS98 Cessna 310 (Sky King) For Fs98, 1955 straight tail Cessna 310 Songbird as depicted in the long running tv show Sky King. The model includes full interior and landing lights. Also includes mountain ranch scenery with landing strip. By Bill Lyons, February 1998 File size 374788
FS98 NASA Hercules Lockheed C-130 - NASA By Angelo Moneta File size 204202

FS98 Douglas DC4 FS98 E.Aire Douglas DC-4 911-10 Spanish airforce T-4-10 1970´s spanish 'Ejercito del Aire' Douglas Dc-4 belonging to 911 Hq. Sqdn., based at Getafe AFB.Twenty Dc-4 joined spanish airforce since 1958 until 1976,becoming its heaviest transport. Depicted aircraft is parked today at Cuatro Vientos Air Museum. COMPONENTS: Tom Gibson/Raf Geuken MODIFIED AFX: Harry Follas Spanish artwork: Sigfrid Roig File size 250407