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FS98 Shorts 360 FS98 Shorts 360-200, v1.0 Twin turboprop regional airliner in Aerocondor livery. by Chris Bawden. Painted by Carlos Neto.File size 288359

FS98 Mustang P-51 USAF by S Tanaka File size 452561
FS98 Piper Chieftan PA31 350 Full pack with panel & sound PA31-350 in two livery's A dutch air taxi livery (Tulip Air) and an american one by Terry Hill. It includes sound and a panel. File size 1437686
FS98 KLM Saab Cityhopper S340 FS98 Saab340B, a twin turboprop regional airliner in KLM Cityhopper livery. Version 3 has transparent prop circles and a revised flight model with a flaps 7 setting. Handles well under both manual and autopilot control. Includes a pilots guide to flying the aircraft. Freeware by Marty Baclawski and Tony BoltonFile size 43938

FS98 Mooney 231 Turbo Incl PanelFreeware Mooney panel (for 1024 resolution) and plane for FS98 modeled closely to a real Turbo Mooney 231. The panel has removable photo-realistic yoke File size 473494.Barry Ellis
FS98 Piper PA-38-112 Tomahawk File size 78544. Michael Verlin

FS98 Kitfox - one of the most popular kit planes Fs98 kitfox iv classic. Popular homebuilt aircraft. Original author terry hill. Reworked by dave terburgh.skyfox gazelle panel by john dow. Reworked by dave terburgh. File size 147100

FS98 DH Chipmunk trainer incl panel. By Pierre Ardichvili. File size 119139

FS98 Piper PA-46-350 Malibu Mirage Model by David W. Griffin Panel by Michael Verlin Converted and joined by Michael Ulbrich File Size 463598
FS98 North American T-6G Texan An original design by Roger von Ahrens, Jr. A new visual model and accurate flight model The T-6G was a remaufacted aircraft of earlier T-6/SNJ aircraft. Converstions where started in 1947 and the T-6G was phazed out of the USAF in 1958. Total production 2,068 This model is of the "Night Train" which was flown duing the Korean War in the "Mosqutio" squadron. File size 56532