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FS98 Piper J3 Cub towplane with panel & moving parts. Ideal for take-off & then switch aircraft to Glider. File size 170595. M Medel
FS98 America West DHC- Dash 8 with panel & moving parts. File size 836040. Aircraft by B Blaisdell

FS98 Piper Super Cub with panel & moving parts. File size 615718. B Wening, A Pederson.0

FS98 DHC 5D Buffalo. Full pack with panel, moving parts & sound files. File size 1270271. J Crous, S Small
FS98 Canadair CL44D-4 Flying Tiger Line. File size 88k. G Vega

FS98 Coastal Saab 2000. Full pack with sounds & 50 gauge panel including CRT. File size 2211820. Dave Armour

FS98 Rockwell Aero Commander 685 (1972) twin supercharged and pressurized 9 seat aircraft. The 685 originally came out in 1972. The 685 is the most powerful Twin Commander ever built. It was a piston-engined version of the 690 Turbo Commander that came out the same year and features twin Continental engines rated at 435 bhp each. Includes panel by Michael Tscherdantzew Jr., modified by N. Schumann and sounds by John de Miranda. Aircraft by Nikki Schumann. File size 1855418

FS98 Beechcraft King Air. High quality IFR panel with GPS, CRT. Moving parts aircraft by Chuck Dome. Panel & repaint by J Unschuld. File size 1775293
FS98 Satena Columbia Dornier 328 with moving parts. File size 110601. H Schnell, V Effertz, I Rodriguez