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Props Page 31
FS98 AMI Aermacchi MB308, post WW2 Italian trainer. File size 80833. M Taccoli
FS98 Piaggio P136L. 1950'sItalian flying boat. File size 154486. M Taccoli
FS98 Extra 300J, repaint of the default FS98 Extra. File size 80189.
FS98 Cessna L19 Bird Dog. Package contains 2 planes with panels & sounds. In RCAC colors. File size 2184792. M Renaud
FS98 TWA Lockheed L1049 Constellation with full moving parts. File size 216877. D McQueen
FS98 Trans Air Link Douglas DC-6A/B, with full moving parts & engine start sounds. File size 282942. H Follas, T Gibson

FS98 Pilatus PC 12 in Royal Flying Doctors colors. High quality. File size 227896. M Ritzema

FS98 Pilatus PC12 in Pilatus house colors. High quality. File size 217725. M Ritzema

FS98 Air Tractor AT401B agricultural prop with panel. File size 84608. D Baunton
FS98 Piaggio P.136_L. Contains 2 planes - 1 land & 1 amphibian. File size 267524. M Taccoli