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Props Page 35
FS98 Zenith CH2000 & CH2T Trainer. Contains 2 aircraft, with one in USAF trainer colors. Each with panel & moving parts. File size 543605. P Hartl
FS98 Oceania (fictitious airline) Convair 580 with moving parts. File size 74321. F Safranek, D Henderson
FS98 Oceania Douglas DC-3 with moving parts. File size 72173. J Kelley, D Henderson

FS98 Wolf Boredom Fighter: Homebuilt designed by Donald Wolf. Prototype flew in 1976. Approximately 200 sets of plans have been sold for this design. File size 278125. T Majewski
FS98 Aloha Island Air DHC8-102 with moving parts. File size 89996. B Hirsschrodt

FS98 Rheintalflug DHC8-311 with moving parts. File size 129059. B Hirsschrodt
FS98 Tyrolean Air DHC8-314Q with moving parts. File size 109203. B Hirsschrodt
FS98 Edge 540 advanced aerobatic plane. The E-540 aircraft has the highest aerobatic thrust to weight ratio of any competition aerobatic aircraft currently available, weighting over 300 lbs. File size 89270. M Maliniemi
FS98 C182 repaint. This contains texture files to give your default FS98 C182 a new paint finish. File size 25381. E Hcohberg
FS98 Aer Lingus Shorts 360-200. File size 94340. C Bawden, D Griffiths