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Props Page 36
FS98 Air Sunshine Douglas DC-3 with moving parts. File size 66634. J Kelley, D Henderson

FS98 Hawker Siddeley Andover C Mk 1 of the RNZAF. File size 75517. H Follas
FS98 American Airlines 1960 Convair 240. File size 212712. E Ellis

FS98 Saunders ST27, a modified de Havilland Heron, with full moving parts, panel & sounds. File size 3910852. A Swindle, L Penridge, D McGee
FS98 RNZAF de Havilland DH104 Devon. File size 75360. H Follas, L Penridge

FS98 Prinair De Havilland DH114 Heron with full moving parts, panel & sounds. Includes accurate panel and full stereo sound as well as improved flight dynamics. Aircraft model by L Penridge. Original flight model by B Horsey. Modifications, moving parts, stereo sound and repaint by D Henderson. Panel by D McGee and D Haskell. Lycoming engine sounds by J de Miranda. File size 3251562
FS98 RNZAF Hawker Sideley Andover. File size 88583. H Follas
FS98 RNZAF Lockheed Lodestar. File size 120705. H Follas, B Horsey
FS98 Olympic Airways Dornier DO 228-200 full pack with panel, sounds & full moving parts. File size 1713477. V Hassiotis, M Lieberecht, G Waterfield
FS98 Rio Sul Embraer 110 Bandeirante. File size 140879. M Baclawski, T Bolton, F Safranek