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Props Page 37

FS98 Tyrolean Airways DHC8 with moving parts. File size 109851. B Hirnschrodt
FS98 Austrian Airlines Vickers Viscount, 1960 era. File size 109854. T Gibson, D McQueen
FS98 Jodel D-112. File size 106129. F Rivel

FS98 Olympic Airways ATR-42-300 with panel, sounds & moving parts. File size 530145. V Hassiotis, D Durst, G Waterfield

FS98 Lider Express Gulfstream Turbo Commander with panel & moving parts. File size 991205. P Brun, M Tschewdantzew
FS98 de Havilland DHC 6-100 Sea Otter with moving parts. File size 122308. K Busch
FS98 Team Lufthansa Dash 8-311. High quality with moving parts. File size 229521. B Blaisdell, H Bast

FS98 Piper Cheyenne III with moving parts. File size 162408. C Haines, T Goodrick, R Oliviera

FS98 Piper Super Cub 180HP with moving parts, panel & sounds & modified air file my the master, Steve Small. File size 2179140. J Alluchon, B Wening, S Small


FS98 Beech King Air Pack. Superb quality with panel, sounds, moving parts & great flight model. File size 1989392. C Lampard, B Walch, B Blaisdell, L Hall, S Small