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FS98 Beechcraft D18S, FS98 Aircraft and panel Realistic Beechcraft D-18S. Including Landing light and transparent props. Panel in 800 x 600 res. NOT TESTED IN 3D MODE (READ THE ENCLOSED FILE). By: Michael Tscherdantzew Jr, Shlomo 'Slo Mo' Hakim, David Sakrisoncirca 1945, File size 851951

FS98 dH 89A Dragon Rapide .FS98 De Havilland DH89A Dragon Rapide. Twin engine biplane with fixed landing gear. It flew for the first time in april 1934. This model is painted as it looked when it had it's last flight in 1966 in Denmark. Eight seats including the single pilot. Includes aircraft and 1024x768 panel. Dennis Simanaitis original FSFS. Panel, gauges, repaint, conversion and minor modifications by Jan Konstmann. With panel. File size 702801
FS98 Junkers F13 (1920's) panel. Fil size 512770
FS98 KNIL Brewster 339 BW, high quality model with panel. File size 464951. E Johnson, A Haaft, P Kurkinen
FS98 DH Mosquito. D.H. Mosquito F.B.VI "Black Rufe". Shigeru Tanaka. File size 170735
FS98 Sopwith Camel F1SOPWITH F-1 "CAMEL" Flight Sim Developers Ltd. by: Jim Goldman assisted by: Graham "Dotcom" Waterfield full pack. 1919 Flying Corps. File size 1756098
FS98 DH Tiger Moth FS98 DH82C RCAF Tiger Moth The CWH Tiger Moth was built in Downsview, Ontario in 1942. It saw service in Goderich,Ont. and Windsor Mills, Qc. until 1945.. File size 217183. Bob Tremblay
FS98 Cessna Bobcat T-50. CESSNA T-50 Bobcat Collection for FS98 by Jerry Arzdorf The Cessna Bobcat was first made available in 1939 for commercial use as the Cessna T-50. The Army Air Corps acquired 33 in 1940 and called them AT-8s. 3400 more were made during WWII for bombing practice and training. File size 220548
FS98 BOEING STEARMAN PT-17 KAYDET.This short text file covers both versions of the PT-17 which are being released as separate packages. The first one (blue and yellow) is a representation of a UK restoration of an aircraft from Darr AeroTech., Albany, Georgia in the early 1940's. This model was put together in March this year and was evaluated by Al Goguen as usual. Chris Lampard. File size 63779
FS98/CFS Horten IX/Ho 229 Flying Wing. The Horten IX was one of the "secret weapons" of the German Luftwaffe in WWII. Includes aircraft with moving parts, panel and damage profile for CFS. File size 14094771 By Bernd Rossner.