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FS98/CFS Fokker DR1 Triplane, as above but this was a replica built after the war in Black finish. File size 302477. T Miller

FS98 Branif Douglas DC2, This aircraft, NC13727, was purchased from TWA in July, 1937, and entered service shortly thereafter. On March 26, 1939, NC13727 was destroyed in a takeoff accident at Oklahoma City. . By Kristopher Crook. File size 127277

FS98 Messershmitte ME109, moving parts. Full pack. File size 1904501

FS98 P-51 Mustang. Moving parts, full pack.created by Jim Goldman File size 2475229
FS98 North American SNJ-5. Harvard IIB FT375 (T-6)This is a representation of one of the three Harvards which were used as photo-chase aircraft by A&AEE Boscombe Down during my time there in the early 1960's.Chris Lampard File size 58743
FS98 Nakajima Ki-44.Nakajima Ki-44 (Type 2) for FS98 Representation of a Ki44-II-Otsu of the Shinten (Sky Shadow) air superiority unit of the 47th Sentai, Narimasu, Tokyo in the summer of 1944. By Chris Lampard. File size 54441
FS98 DE HAVILLAND DH 89 DRAGON RAPIDE, 1936-1939 Spanish republican livery.Spanish Republican Airforces (FARE), converted two of this civil transport airplane as light bomber and recce aircraft, joining the 'Alas Rojas' squadron, based at Sariņena (Aragon war front) during July1936-December 1936 period. AFX original designer: Mike Hill Spanish artwork: Sigfrid Roig. File size 142030
FS98 RCAF SP2H Neptune.FS98 SP2H Neptune RCAF This aircraft as been repainted and modified(transparent props) to be as close as possible to the real one. It flies very well and I hope every simmer can enjoy the flight. Designer: Phil Stokes repaint & Mod:Bob Tremblay Sound:Mike Hambly . File size 1563421
FS98 Messerschmitte ME163B Komet. Tricky jet powered Luftwaffe fighter.Messerschmitt Me 163B-1a Komet The Messerschmitt Me 163 was developped in 1939 and served as interceptor from May 1944 till May 1945. Its very high operating speed (around 1300 km/h) made the Me 163 to a quite uneffective fighter and so the production ended in February 1945. Gregor C. Gebel from Mike Hill original. File size 538584
FS98 Aeronavale Lancaster bomber. File size 144753