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FS98 North American Harvard IIB.Harvard IIB FT375 (T-6) This aircraft was originally USAF AT-6D-NT 44-80911. It subsequently served with the U S Navy, Marines and JMSDF. It is represented here as restored in the summer of 1984 (details from Aeroplane Monthly, January 1985). Chris Lampard. File size 64516
FS98 RAF DH Mosquito. D.H. Mosquito B.IV "A-Able-GB" Shigeru Tanaka. File size 216767

FS98 Japanese B5N2 Torpedo Bomber.FS98 B5N2 "Kate" Torpedo Bomber. The best aircraft of it's kind early in WWII, this carrier based plane flew vs. Pearl Harbor on Dec.7,1941.Features full panel,sound package,launchable torpedo and "transparent" canopy and prop travel by a new FSFS technique. accurate flight dynamics,textures and markings. Created by DocBlake. Full pack. File size 1935714
FS98 Grumman Bearcat F-8F.This Grumman F8F Bearcat file is for FS98. It has a big engine and small airframe. Entered service late in WW2, 1945. The last prop fighter the US Navy would have. And the last prop fighter in Grummans Cat series. A Paul Kimberling original re-done by Oscar File size 183629

FS98 de Havilland DH89A Dragon Rapide, FS98 De Havilland DH89A Dragon Rapide. Twin engine biplane with fixed landing gear. It had it's first flight in april 1934. G-AIYR from Classic Wings are stationed at Duxford Airfield near Cambridge, UK, and flies sightseeing tours over London and Cambridge. Includes aircraft and 1024x768 panel. Dennis Simanaitis original FSFS. Panel, some gauges, repaint, conversion and minor modifications by Jan Konstmann.. File size 258041
FS98 Gloster Gladiator. File size 517767
FS98 Northrop P-61 Black Widow.Northrop P-61 Black Widow by Bill Black/FS 98 Flight Dynamics by Wells Sullivan Pegasus Aviation Design Installation Instructions File size 47888

FS98 Monocoupe 1930's Sport Plane Package for fs98 or Golden Wings. Two contrasting sporty red aircraft from the golden age of aviation are presented: the low and slow Pietenpol Air Camper homebuilt and the high performance Monocoupe 90-A cabin tourer. These aircraft feature moving control surfaces and animated pilots as well as custom sounds and panels. Please enjoy from the staff at Golden Wings.. File size 870745

FS98 Luscombe 8A Don Luscombe's 1941 8A with wheel pants for FS98 by Jerry Arzdorf This and the future model 8's were Don Luscombe's most popular planes. The first all metal constructed light plane with fabric covered wings. The 8A had a 65 hp engine and was known as the Master. This is the second in a line of Don Luscombe's planes. The first was the Monocoupe.. File size 115828

FS98 USAF C-47 (DC3)This C-47 / DC-3 Pak is for FS98.. It contains aircraft, photoreal panel and sound. The aircraft is a C-47A of the 81st TCS, 436th TCG in April, 1945., military carrier. Full pack. File size 1400105