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Splash Screen Section - Page 12

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FS2004 10 Misc Splashscreens by Joshua McGoun. 2.9MB
FS2004 Splash screens - Misc Helicopters. By Mike Tohinaka. 2.2MB
FS2004 Airliners Splash screens. Two screens of the iFDG MD-11 in Delta Centennial Livery, two screens of a Posky 747-400 in Delta livery and one screen of a Posky 747-300 in Ansett Australia Sydney Olympics livery. By Mike Tohinaka. 2.8MB
FS2004 Splash screens - Reno Racers P51's. Big Beautiful Doll & Stars & Stripes, Candy Man, Voodoo, Checkmate, Excalibur, Miss America & Moonbeam Mcshine. By Mike Tohinaka. 4.2MB
FS2004 Splash Screens - Mike Stones Fokker F27 repainted by Henry William. Dreamfleet Piper Archer II at Flying M Ranch Scenery(Georender 1) by Lago. By Jimmy Richards. 1.7MB
FS2004 Splash Screens - Historic Jetliners Group Pan Am Boeing 707-121B and Lockheed L1329-23 Jetstar. By Jimmy Richards. 1.9MB
FS2004 Splash screens - Misc Screens. 2 Blue Angels screens based on Dean Reimer's F-18 Hornet and 4 screens of Tom Miller's Monocoupe 135F floatplane in the Glacier Bay area of Alaska also featuring Holger Sandmann's Glacier Bay scenery and terrain mesh enhancements. By Mike Tohinaka . 3.9MB
FS2002/FS9 Random Splash Screens. Splash screens featuring Bill Lyon's baby clipper, AH's Seafire and Firefly, Default Airacobra, and more. Screenshots:credit list inside Splash Screens by SpaceAce. 4.1MB
FS2004 Splashscreen of Guam. This FS2004 screengrab was taken over Guam, after I had installed the "dbwsimguam04.zip" islandwide upgrade pack, and the New Guam Coastline update. Pretty cool! This is EDM-001 in the Splashscreen Series by EDM. 1MB
FS2004 Assorted Splash screens. Splash Screens by by Jeff Jordon. Using Geoffrey Shreiber's Photoshop templates and some screenshots I have taken I have created a series of splash screens for use with splash screen randomizers. Electra L-10A by FS DESIGN BERLIN Lancair Legacy by Robert Christopher Piaggio 166-M by Mario Noriega Diamond HK36 Motor Glider by Copyright 2004 by Premier Aircraft Design The Howard 500 by Milton Shupe, Scott Thomas, and JoŠo Paz The Moni Motorglider by William Ortis Also used: Water reflection replacement textures by Lynn and Bill Lyons. 70m Global Terrain Mesh by Stephen Rothlisberger All of these are free add-on aircraft. 5.9MB
FS2004 RIAT 2004 Splashscreens. This is a set of ten splash screens for use with flight simulator 9. The photos where taken by me (Matthew Hallam) at RIAT 2004 (the Royal International Air Tattoo, UK) The include the steath bomber B-2 Spirit with 2 escort F-15s the swiss air display team and the french air display team. Credits photos taken by matthew hallam picture editing by Matthew Hallam. 4.6MB

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