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Splash Screen Section - Page 8

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SplashScreen: T6 Areoshell Aerobatic Team 2003. Splashscreen based on a repaint by me of one of the Da Silva's brothers T6. Repaint in colors of Areoshell Aerobatic Team 2003. This is the leader's Alan Henley plane MANGIAVACCA Jean Marc. 243K
FS2002 Splash Screen commemorating the arrival of FS2004 Century of flight. Installation: Just unzip this BMP File to FS2002 Main/UIRES Folder & You'll be Prompted to over- write Just Click yes. ( 1st Back up Your original ). 298K
FS2004 Splash Screen Two screens from historical facts, the first airplane that flew (without any external helps, like winds, rail etc.) and the first airship, both powered, able to take off, cruise, and landing only with own engine, as we know today. by Ralph Cafure Bolssonaro. 394K
FS2002 Air Wisconsin Splash Screens: A collection of ten splash screens of Virtual Air Wisconsin flights. Dreamfleet's Splash Screen Randomizer is required. This set of splash screen shots includes AirTran JetConnect (operated by Air Wisconsin) Taking off from Atlanta. AirTran JetConnect Landing at Atlanta. BAC-146 Departing Denver with Air Wisconsin's terminal in the background. The FS2002 Dornier 328 Departing Denver Intl. The Bombardier RJ parked at Outagamie Regional Airport (Home of Air Wisconsin) By Ray Brower. 3.3MB
FS2002 Splashscreens: Singapore Airlines 747-400 Tropical Livery And Qantas 747-400 Home Livery. Dario R.Jimenez. 408K
FS2004 Splash Screens - B25J "RAF" Mitchell A collection of three splash screens featuring this fine freeware aircraft by RCS Panels and displaying some of the atmospheric effects in this new flight simulator from Microsoft. Splash Screens By Murray O'Neill. 2.6MB
FS2002 Sea fury Splashscreen: This splashscreen was created from a screenshot made by kemplen from Simviation.com and modified for a splashscreen by Ender Baron. 286K
FS2004 F-16 Splash Screen Full Load out for the F-16 Flying into Baghdad Splash Screen & F-16 Both Done By Robert "Hawk" Instructions- Simple, Locate Folder Named UIRES, open it & copy & Paste file Named dlgsplash in the folder & save it to any folder You like, then copy & paste the F-16 Image to UIRES folder & You'll be propmpted to overwrite just click ok- Simple :). 368K
FS2004, Monarch Airlines splash screen. you see it when you start fs. By Thomas Moger Aviation Zone. 61MB

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