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FS2K Adventure Builder Ultimate Airliner Environment 5.0. - Set up your adventures for FS2K with Word file and dialog box: Flight ID, aircraft specs, complete ATC, GPWS, ILS vectoring and more. Sound collection not included. By Didier BUR. 292K
FS2000 MV challenge - Concorde world tour. Simulate a real 24-day, 22-stop supersonic tour, which starts on May 16, 2000. From Paris visit N. America, the South Pacific, Asia and Africa. Local excursions in other aircraft are also included. Use variable real weather in different climates. Make refueling stops. Included: start-up situations, flight plans, airport info. No add-ons needed. Freeware by Michael Vone. 312K
FS2000-Pro MV challenge - Canadian Arctic. Pilot an eventful and tough round trip with 10 landings in foul wintry conditions in the King Air (or a downloaded Twin Otter). Face unpredictable weather and equipment failures in the Arctic night. Make sense of confusing magnetic deviations. No add-ons needed. Freeware by Michael Vone. 193K
Island Hopping in Hawaii to be run by FSNav Takes about 2 hours airtime was made for the default 737 but can be used with any aircraft Freeware By: PatrickWisniewski. 2K
FS2000 MV challenge - Intercontinental round trip. Pilot two long-haul passenger flights with true-to-life detailed navigation, even jet streams. Experience how real flights follow and deviate from flight plans, minute by minute. Included are: startup FS2000 flights with preset weather and flight plans; step-by-step instructions. No add-ons needed. Freeware by Michael Vone. 69K
Concorde flight F4590 crash for FS98. Recreation of the tragic & historic crash July 24th, 2000. Created by an actual eye witness. Maybe the most precise reconstitution. In memory of the passagers and the hotel crew & the best aircraft of the world. By Londinfer Loc. 97K

Seattle to Portland (For FS2000) - By Pedro Huitema --- The Story --- You are at Sea-Tac Intl in a fully loaded 737 and your destination is Portland Intl. This flight should last about 20 minutes. 278K

Seattle to Vancouver (For FS2000) - By Pedro Huitema As your boss is discussing business with an associate you have to take the Learjet 45 from Seattle Washington to Vancouver British Columbia. If you do a good job, this flight should last about 20 minutes. You can fly either GPS, either VOR. 260K
Seattle to Everett (For FS2000) - By Pedro Huitema You have just gotten a licence to fly as a private pilot. Your first flight will be Seattle to Everett. The use of the GPS is recommended. Good luck. This is a perfect short flight for beginers (only 20 minutes). 133K

Seattle to San Fransisco (For FS2000) - By Pedro Huitema You are currently at Sea-Tac Airport in a Triple Seven. You have to take your passengers from here to San Fransisco. You may choose to fly GPS or VOR. This flight is excellent to train yourself for upcoming adventures using the 777. 335K