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Seattle to New York - By Pedro Huitema Here's your chance to do the long one. I highly recommend that you do the Seattle to San Fransisco adventure before attempting this one. You will be in a fully loaded 777. You can use GPS or VOR (to find frequencies, just go to the Navigation Log). Good luck! This flight should not last you more that 6 hours. 12K

Seattle to Tokyo (For FS2000) - By Pedro Huitema Here's your chance to cross an entire ocean. You begin in Seattle-Tacoma airport in a 777 and you go to Tokyo. Have fun, this flight will not last you more than 9 hours. Note that you should have succeded the adventure Seattle to San Fransisco before attempting this flight. 13K

Seattle to Anchorage (For FS2000) - By Pedro Huitema Ever wanted to go to Alaska? Now is your chance! You are in a 737 at Seattle-Tacoma airport. Your destination is Anchorage. Have a nice flight. This adventure will last 2:30 hours, you will be flying GPS. 975K

FS2000 ADVENTURE - QANTAS QF001 Adventure making an approach to Sydney Intl. Airport RW34L. Updated for FS2000 with completely reworked ATC sound files which include a real Air Traffic Controller. Includes charts and briefing. Adventure code written and sound files mixed by Fermin Fernandez. 3.6MB
FS2000 MV challenge - Search strategies. Try to efficiently conduct an aerial search (and rescue). Find shipwrecked people, suspect ships, mountain hikers, travelers in the desert, a plane downed in the mountains, and monuments in a sandstorm. Explore various strategies for area searches and line searches. Includes startup FS2000 flights, some flight plans. No add-ons needed. Freeware by Michael Vone. 105K
Emergency at Leisureland (For FS2000) - A small airplane had to land at Leisureland Airpark in the middle of a thunderstorm due to an emergency situation. Although the weather is bad, it is your duty as a rescuer to take off from nearby Bremeton National Airport, land at Leisureland Airpark, get the two stranded people, takeoff immediatly from Leisureland and land at Bremeton. You will be using the GPS to get to Leisureland and to Bremeton. By Pedro Huitema. 7K

London to Rio (For FS2000) - By Pedro Huitema. Between the 70's and the 80's, the Concorde was not allowed to land in the US because of it's noisy engines. Air France and British Airways figured out that the next most wanted destination by business men was Rio De Janeiro. There was just one catch: from the London to Rio, the Concorde had to land in Dakar to be refuled. This package contains two flights: London to Dakar and Dakar to Rio De Janeiro. You will be flying using the GPS. 11K
FS2000-Pro MV challenge - Nepal highlands. Face a dozen short runways in steep Himalayan valleys in the King Air. The challenge lies in a combination of narrow and deep valleys, high mountains, bad weather, poor visibility, limited navaids, and a very unwelcome emergency. Many of the landings are quite difficult. Includes startup FS2000 flights at each airport, flight plans, and a route map. No add-ons needed. Freeware by Michael Vone. 412K
Fly Western Europe (For FS2000) - As an English tourist, you decide to visit some of your Continent (Western Europe). You will leave from London and go to Berlin. From Berlin to Paris, and from Paris to Madrid. Using the Learjet 45, each flight will last about 2 hours. You will be flying with the GPS. Have fun. By Pedro Huitema. 21K
This is an adventure flight created in South America. The flight begins at SETE and you will encounter a challenging landing at SESM, the middle of a crater. You will fly the cessna 182 RG and the flight is approximately 20 minutes long. By Keith Cunningham. 226K