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API/ASD Macro collection for FS2000 and CFS2. A collection of 19 photorealistic macros as hangars, finger gates and terminals for scenery design in API and ASD format. NOVA macro source files are also included. The macros files are made using the Nova Gold Textures 1 NovaGt1.ZIP file. Macros generated using NOVA by Rafael Garcia Sanchez. 547K
NOVA GOLD TEXTURES Release 1 for FS2000 and CFS2. This file contains a selection of 24 photorealistic textures with night effects of some common objects used in scenery design, as hangars, finger gates and terminals. By Rafael Garcia Sanchez. 1.3MB
Api Macro of a UK type Power Station Cooling Tower. Modeled on the ones at Didcot Oxfordshire. This was designed using FSDS for FS2000, from photographs supplied by Alan Smith. Author Paul Roberts. 117K
FS2000 - SHELL GAS STATION API MACRO You can use this macro in your own scenery adding cars, buses, fuel trucks, fspeople, etc. For FS2000. By Pablo Garzón Gavilanes. 390K
FS2000 macros. For ASD. CFS2 compatible. 14 more combination macros of skyscrappers, houses, buildings, hills. By John de Langristin. 712K
FS2000 Yadgar-e-Pakistan (Airport Macros) Yadgar-e-Pakistan Located in Lahore built in 23rd March 1947 with night light texture. 67K
Api Macro-FSim Bar restaurant This is the full file including textures (day and night) and api file. For use in any airport design program. By Anthony Konstantinidis. 1.9MB
Air Traffic Control Tower with transparent glass windows. Built by Eric Jonas a.k.a. MAG_CO_Mobster using the Easy Object Designer (EOD) by Matthias Bruckner. (47Kb)
FS2000-Fs2002-Cfs2 macros. ASD/API. 8 combination macros. Housing cluster, mansions, houses with cars and trees. Improved island on lake area 16km2 with landing strip. Public domain. By John de Langristin. 790K
FS2000-Fs2002-Cfs2 macros. ASD/API. 18 macros. Roads, cars, parking areas. 5 carparks, 11 road sections with 3D cars.You may assemble these to make straight, rectangular, square ect, configurations. Your airport areas will take on a new dimension! Your houses, buildings ect, can look almost like your streets. Public domain. By John de Langristin. 712K