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Scenery Macro -Blister Hangar An FSDS model of the Blister Hangar commonly found on fighter airfields all over the UK. Used extensively on temporary airfields and many are still used by farms for storage. Can house one aircraft. Done in *.api and *.scm formats. By Daniel Hamblin. 60K
Helo Pads: Hello Scenerydesigners, I can see the great H no more Time and i Paint some other Pad-textures ,so I see in Germany (hospitals,Airports and Regional Helicopter Airline) This Helipads and Padlights are *.API-files for Airport v2.10 and v2.60.Put the api-files in the Airport Api-folder and the Textures into FS2000/Texturefolder,Apt2.**-texturefolder and Apt2.** Resoures-folder .But what did I say You make it! Emanual Dietz. 193K
Chevron Offshore Oilrig Macro. This is a API marco for Fs scenery Creator and others with a landable helipad. created with EOD for 2000/2002. By Deane Robson. 941K
CFS / Landable helopads for Airport 2.10/2.60 & FSSC design programs. Created using EOD, by Paul Harmon. 73K
detailed FSDS model of a control tower with photo-realistic textures. In API format. Joe Coyle. 71K
CFS2 Hangar API MACRO, (maybe for FS2k and FS2K2). Full interior view and night lighted. A model of metal made rounded Hangar commonly found on WW-II airfields at pacific theater. By:Juan Carlos Cantu. 557K
API Macro of an Oil Rig for fs2k2 /fs2k By Danny Levin. 154K
3 API Macros of Helipad landing markers. By Danny Levin. 285K
6 API Macros of Navy ships for fs2k /fs2k2 By Danny Levin. 239K
FS2002 Helipad macro. By John Vrbanac. 43K