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FS98/CFS World GPS Gauge. This is an update of USAGPS.GAU with an added 518 internal world-wide waypoints, for a total of 3775. Now all airports listed in the FS98 Airport and Facilities BGL files are selectable by mouse. Included are eight FS98 and two CFS panels that use the gauge. By Chuck Dome. Public domain. File size 198465
FS2000 Improved Panel new Gauge. This is an upgrade for the combination standby instrument in my B737 Improved Panel ( and for FS2000. The gauge demonstrates the excellent color reproduction potential of FS2000 panels at night, showing better night effects than the default gauges, not before seen in FS98. Panel designers can use this gauge at will for their freeware panels only. By Jorge Alsina. 42K
Flight Management Computer. This gauge provides visual and audible indications for various critical parameters for each phase of flight - V speeds, flap retraction speeds, cruise altitudes, flap extension and landing ref speeds. Based on real world performance data for over 30 commercial aircraft. This is my Christmas gift to all of you! Requires below. Version 1.0. By Tom Corson. 217K

Flight Management Computer Gauge sounds. For use with Version 1.0. By Tom Corson. 902K

FS2000 auto trim gauge. Connects the elevator trim to the joystick. This version displays the FS2000 soft pink night lighting. Includes a default Mooney panel that uses the gauge. By Chuck Dome. 31K
Mooney Bravo Panel Option for FS2000. This is an optional radio stack for (required). It will add different Radios with standby freqs as well as ACS-GPS, and an accurate autopilot. Requires to run. by Ian Grant. 407K

Boeing 747-classic engine gauges. Here is a set of the four basic engine indication instruments, N1, EGT, N2 and FF plus a Limit select panel and Limit indicator wich provide you with 8 predetermined engine limit modes, beside this manual derating is possible too. By Marco Blauwhof. 719K
Simple radio navigation gauge for CFS or FS98. I originally meant it to be for WWII aircraft, but it certainly can be used with others. It includes three color-coded needles that point to VOR1, VOR2 and the selected NDB (ADF needle). Frequency and DME readouts are included and the frequencies are mousable. As a result, no other radio gauges are required unless you want a COM. 71K
Collins Avionics Navigation Pack version 3 Contains 2 x DME-42 receivers, 2 x VIR-32A nav radios, 1 x TDR-90 transponder and 1 x VHF-32A com radio. The TDR-90 has been completely overhauled and all version 2 frequency readback bugs have been corrected. All preset frequencies are saved to file ready for use next time FS98 is fired up. Not tested with FS2K. Dai Griffiths, Dragonflight Design. 235K
StormScope - non functional, graphic for background only. Cyrille Baron. 23K
FS2000 weather radar gauge. It responds to the aircraft's speed and heading and includes on/off and range switches. By Chuck Dome. 78K
FS98/FS2000 ACS-GPS98 GPS Gauges family, version 1.70 Fully programmable GPS featuring: - Up to 99 destinations or legs in GPS memory. - Tour or single destination mode. - Several arrival behaviors. - Two display modes for coordinates. - Compute and display distance to destination and ETA. - Feature precise wind drift compensation. - Include a customisable Data Manager, with full FS98. airports and Navaids database. - IPC shared memory block technology to communicate with external applications. - Full remote control via IPC channel, including simulation of power failure for panels with global logic. Package include: - 8 differents gauges to cover almost all aircraft types. - IPCTest.exe program. - Self-installing "exe" archives. - Tutorial to learn about panel edition. By Alain Capt / ACSoft Productions.
FS2000 Hour Meter Gauges: two new hour meter gauges programmed to work with the new FS2000 flight models. These gauges are a direct replacement for the default FS2000 Cessna tachometers. They are exact copies except that these gauges record the engine hours to a small data file. When the gauge is loaded onto the panel, it reads this file and displays the hours that were recorded the last time you flew. They are for FS2000 only and have night lighting effects thanks to Chuck Dome's "MakePink" utility. Scott Macmillan. 81K

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