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FS98 Airwave Xtreme Hang-glider File size 120834

FS98 Nimbus Glider File size 289728

FS98 Ultra Light set. Transparent canopies. File size 293120

FS98 Sky divers, freefall & sky boarder. File size 224655

FS98 Ultralight/ Microlight. File size 250074

FS98 Schweizer 2-33A Glider. File size 335318

FS98 Schleicher ASW20 Glider with panel. File size 907854

FS98 Fligzenbau DG 303 Elan with panel. File size 1092905. K Leiber, M Roodveldt

FS98 LO 100. Zwergreiher" or Little Bittern was the name of this little glider. A total of some fifty LO 100s were built. A few of them are still around today. This plane was the only German glider cleared for unlimited aerobatics for twenty years. The engineer Alfred Vogt gave his small aircraft a wingspan of only ten meters and he was similarly restrained with the other dimensions. File size 327088. W Piper

FS98 Doppelraab IV. A two seat glider for beginners training in the early 50`s. File size 204107. W Piper