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FS98 Schempp-Hirth Gö-3 'Minimoa'. A one seat glider for performance between 1935 and 1939. File size 445552. W Piper

FS98 Ka4 Rhoenlerche. The Ka4 is a training glider for beginner pilots, built some 350 units. File size 460787. W Piper

FS98 Reiher 2. It represented the state of the art at the end of the glorious pre-war period - for soaring - in Germany. File size 404389. Pierre Ardichvili
FS98 Soaring Adventure: Begins at the St. Louis Regional airport...Your goal will be to launch
your sailplane and follow the Mississippi river south to a unique island airfield created
by Colin Graham, in the middle of the river. File size 10k. L Wagner
FS98 Glider Winch Launch Simulation. Allows simulated glider launch. File size 7396
FS98 SOAR: Seven situation files included in this zip have been designed to place you at local airports near to the specific soaring sites listed. File size 9k. L Wagner
FS98 Soar East Tennessee, an archive of three scenery files for FS98 thatadds supplemental scenery to the default FS98 scenery in the East Tennessee area centered around Knoxville. One file generates scattered thermals between Knoxville and Morristown allowing an easy cross country flight of 50 km by sailplane. File size 701679. Ed Dumas Sr
FS98 Soar California by Ed Dumas Sr. Soar_CA.zip is a scenery archive for FS98 that generates thermals around the Hemet-Ryan airport. Thermals are marked by
simulated cumulus clouds. A group of thermals near the airport allow local flying while more thermals scattered along a heading of about 060 allow you to fly across the high mountains and desert to Palm Springs. File size 178850. Ed Dumas Sr
FS98 Scenery: Lands End Gliderport / Oklahoma. File size 5664. Colin Graham
FS98 Scenery: The Straits of Mackinac. Bois Blanc is a grass airfield in the Straits of Mackinac between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. You'll find plenty of thermals to allow you to make this cross country flight. File size 4k. L Wagner