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FS98 Soar UK, a scenery archive for FS98 that generates scattered thermals over a 50 nm course north from near Pontefract about 12 miles southsoutheast of Leeds in North
Yorkshire, UK. Size 146043
FS98 Soaring in New Zealand, a scenery archive that adds scattered thermals for soaring in the mountains nearQueenstown, New Zealand. Size 161056. Ed Dumas Sr

FS98 Piper J3 Cub towplane with panel & moving parts. Ideal for take-off & then switch aircraft to Glider. File size 170595. M Medel

FS98 Schemmp-Hirth SHK. with panel. Size 240195. M Roodveldt

FS98 Blanik L13 Two-Seat Training Sailplane with panel. File size 717068. C. Scott Crownover


FS98 The Cross-Country Soaring 98 adventure program creates realistic soaring conditions and simulates realistic cross-country and competition flying, complete with flight task choices, navigational functions, turnpoint photographs, and task performance analysis
during flight and upon landing out or crossing goal. The fundamental principle of soaring flight is to find rising air and climb in it. In Cross-Country Soaring 98, this rising air is in the common form of thermals. These thermals are randomly placed and varyrandomly from one another in size, strength, and duration. File size 263964


FS98 Soar Santa Fuerta. Scenery & situations for great thermal soaring on this south seas Island. File size 556314. L Wagner

FS98 KA4 Rhoerlerche with panel. File size 347362. W Piper

FS98 KA6 CR, with panel. File size 264571. W Piper

FS98 KA8, with panel. File size 348922. W Piper