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FS2000 VSO-10C Gradient Club OK-0530 "D2" VSO-10 is a club-class glider applicaple for both advanced training and sport soaring. VSO-10 is a common club-class glider used by Czech aeroclubs and thus can be seen at almost every Czech glider-airport. VSO-10C is special 12 piece series with fixed main gear. VSO-10C with registration OK-0530 is used by aeroclub Policka. Model with moving parts. Also includes panel. Author: Jiri Brozek (CVA Design). 819K
Schempp-Hirth, Standard Austria S sailplane for FS2000. A classic, single seat, v-tailed, sailplane popular with racers for its speed and maneuverability. Created from scratch with FS Design Studio and Aircraft Animator. Aircraft features full moving parts including spoilers and accurately animated ruddervators. Pilot moves control stick and turns head in direction of turn. Designed and painted after an actual aircraft (N9009Z) by Anders Jermstad. Ruddervator movements were created by the soon to be released Freeware version 2.0 of SDL Editor by Mike Crosthwaite. 375K
LET L33 SOLO for FS2000(1st version). Designer:Alex Eylerts Textures:Alex Eylerts Features: Full moving parts including ailerons, elevators, rudder, pilots head, 3D pilot & cockpit, transparent window, etc. 514K
FS2000 A-5 open-class glider circa 1923. By Alexander Belov , The first open-class record-setting glider designed and built in Soviet Union. First flown in 1923. Fully animated and highly detailed visual model, realistic dynamics. 147K
FS2000 Quick Silver MX By Daniel C. Kelly I am an ultralight extremist. I love flying and designing ultralight aircraft. This is my FIRST PRODUCTION EVER. I will be designing and creating new ultralights in the near futre. Enjoy!! This QuickSilver MX was designed by IMAGINATION ONLY. 189K
FS2000 Quick Silver MX Version II By Daniel C. Kelly New Design with fuel Tank and Many other Revisions New Textures as well. 497K
FS2000 Firestar Ultralight Version 1.3c with Panel, Sound, and Animated parts. Includes land and float plane Versions. This Version adds gauges to the virtual cockpit view, and includes all recent updates. July, 2001 By K.Johnson. 2.3MB
FS2000 Ultralight Auto Gyro, beta version 1. With panel and virtual cockpit. By K. Johnson. 350K
FS2002 Ultralight Auto Gyro, For FS2002 only. With panel, pilot, virtual cockpit, and sound. By K.Johnson. 2.9MB
FS2000/02 Argentinian Schleicher ASW-24. The ASW 24 has been, since its inception, one of the highest performing standard class ships ever produced. Full moving parts, animated pilot. Incudes panel. Sailplane by NÚstor D'Angelo and Juan carlos Insua Panel by: Gustavo De Coro File size 3.1MB